What are you waiting to arrive? September 2021

Hopefully, should be here by tomorrow, a 'new-old-stock' Gillette tech, still with the original cellophane wrap, bakelite box seems in excellent condition, some original blades. I 'won' aka paid too much for it on e-bay. Probably because the bidding went mental in the last 4 minutes, doubling the final cost. If anyone else was bidding, sorry, but it just seemed too good to be true! I'm hoping I'm not regretting it when it arrives!

Serious question though, if it is completely unused as described, do I use it?

My dad reckons I should keep it as a collectible, but I bought it to use it because of the number of techs I've seen in SOTD and the comments about it's performance. So fellas, what's it to be?


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Not too far from LHR
Marc that looks the absolute dog's danglies, no pun intended. C&H I presume? Classic shape and beautiful wood.

I'm looking away now.
I'm surprised there aren't many "funwood" handled brushes actually; on the coffee forum there was a fellow who had a cracking little sideline making tamper handles etc out of old skateboards (multicoloured laminated wood) glued together and turned.
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