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near Glasgow
The Queen's Gambit - Walter Tevis

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Classic Tevis. Rise to power and descent into alcoholism. Makes me want to take up chess. But, obsessive that I am, I know that were I to do so, I would be lost to the world for ever. As I would if I took up railway modelling.
His novel - The Hustler is brilliant. Was made into a film long time ago with Paul Newman.
I've read most of his books and really enjoy them.
Yes - it's one of my favourite images from Goya's Caprichos series - the original is in the Prado in Madrid. I did a short picture essay on it to pass the time in Malaga a couple of years back - it's here if you want to see/read it - I shan't be offended if you don't. :)

cheers - I.

Excellent! And enlightening! I'm slightly less ignorant than yesterday!
Not too far from LHR
'Fall' by John Preston.

A biography of Robert Maxwell the media baron who fell off the stern of his yacht and was never seen again.

Fascinatingly well written.
Do they talk about how that happened? Or indeed IF it really happened? You can't help but wonder whether someone capable of stealing billions from his employees' pensions actually faked his own death to escape attention and justice. Or maybe someone employed on his superyacht who maybe had had his own pension robbed got an opportunity to help Robert become 'Bob' with a little shove?

Part of me suspects he's on the moon with Jeff Bezos and/or Lord Lucan!!
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