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Hello Paul,

If I'm honest I don't know much about him, but looking back it was released to 1994/1995, were great years for albums. I was a teenager and remember some of those releases just as I was getting into music and some of them blew my mind at my time, and looking back some of those albums have aged really well. Portishead and Tricky were a few releases I remember getting from the library and copying them to tape and they still have a special place in my heart many years later!
..Amazing performance...The full album is outstandingly good.

Another great one..

And finally this one reminds me when i was a kid.
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Benidorm, not long after leaving school, got a cheap flight and hotel for 2 weeks away. Holy fuck it was cheap to get drunk in Spain.
This was the track that was played in every club, pub or pizza/kebab/burger shop. This was the first time I ever went out for a drink and had no recollection of most of the night and how I got back to the hotel. It was great though...... I think. :)
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