What are you eating tonight?


I have in the oven as I type a Caribbean casserole with Pork a scotch bonnet Chile, allspice, pineapple, sweet potatoes, thyme etc.

Nearly had to abandon the kitchen when sealing the pork that had been marinated in the scotch bonnet, soy sauce etc. It's a little while since I have experienced being 'gassed' in the kitchen! I only stopped coughing a short while ago. Bells whiskey and Soda seems to stop the burn in ones throat!

Enjoy your dinner
Hi There,
So nice to know you are still around and about.Have wondered often why you had diapeared from the Shaving scene.Thanks to you, I have a large collection of Injectors.
Hope you are keeping well
Regards- Mike
Kabuli Pulao

i have made 2x 3 litre jars of sauerkraut 3 weeks ago and they are still fermenting and smell fantastic. if they are as good as my past ferments i will be most impressed. they are much better than shop bought stuff with a sweet tangy flavour, brilliant stuff
(y) :LOL:
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