What are you drinking tonight.

I think the term IPA is used loosely to describe 'flat lager' in today's competitive market. Unfortunately I think a few brewers have latched onto the term to provide a bit of a transitional brew for folks moving to ale from lager. That said, I quite like Old Empire, but I 'm not a fan of macro-breweries (such as Marstons, Bass and Greene King) generally, despite living between Derby and Burton in the homeland of CAMRA.
FuzzySteve said:
NNathwani said:
Brewdog Punk IPA

Nice! How do you rate it for an IPA?

Brewdog is pretty much the only beer I drink. You get a wide variety and I enjoy almost all of them. In terms of IPAs, I haven't tried that many different ones but Brewdog have brewed quite a range of IPAs, my favourite being Hardcore IPA.
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Essex, UK
I agree with you about IPA and the bigger breweries, if you like good beer you should get hold of some of The Kernel Brewery beers, they are excellent.
IPA should be strong and bitter and full of hop flavour.


Deuchar's IPA was always a favourite of mine when I used to partake. I did enjoy Marston's Pedigree, Taylor's Landlord, Courage Directors, Gale's HSB, Everard's Tiger, Fuller's London Pride, Fat Cat Pale Ale, Caledonian 80, Caledonian Golden Promise, Orkney Dark Island and many, many others which my diseased mind cannot immediately recall. To quote the Fast Show, "I was very, very drunk."

What the Brewery was, is , did or its size didn't bother me one iota. The proof was in the drinking and not what was supposedly cool or had a fancy name. Some bloke with an opinion in a magazine never interested me. Oh aye, Spitfire was another lovely but Morland's Old Speckled Hen and Theakston's Old Peculier weren't fit for bathing me bunions! Ruddles County had a ripe old tickle to it and Black Sheep Bitter wasn't bad either. I don't remember any Punk Dog or owt like that but I've been dry since the wee small hours of August the 23rd 2003.

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