What are you drinking tonight.

Not too far from LHR
I said to my friend last night, you cannot go wrong with a pint of Landlord, he wasn't convinced, being more of a stout drinker (which I also like) but I've never had a bad pint of Landlord and would almost always have it if it's on. That or London Pride, they're my 2 constant safe bets. It's as well I can't see it from my window!

My 3 'local' breweries are Windsor & Eton, Rebellion in Marlow or Fuller's. If I am London side most of the pubs in West London are (or sell) Fuller's and its only travelled 2 miles. WE can be had in my local but I prefer to go to the brewery tap room when they have open days. Rebellion do some great ales and have ace open days for 'friends' (kind of a paid for loyalty club that involves BBQ and 'free' beer.) Roasted Nuts is a rich and warning one for late summer to spring.
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Had a couple of these the other night to try them. They were not kidding about the toffee flavour.
100% tasted of toffee and very nice. Only 4% but I had a few Henry Westons cider at 7.3% to make up for it.(y)


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