What are you drinking tonight.

Not too far from LHR
I'm glad it is finally Friday. Mrs brought scampi and chips whilst I was filling my cart with cheap smellies on the pretext of stocking the fridge. Pics on another thread, but to help the scampi and chips/cod and chips, (we went halves for variety ) I'm one Aspall Premier Cru down and finding no more in the fridge am now on the Tyskie. Love a drop of Polish lager. If they had Zubr or Kasztelan it would be that, but Tyskie goes down well too.


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Sunny Sunderland
After a wonderful evening out with our best friends (these guys are more like family) we had a wonderful Indian meal in one of our local plushest restaurants on the sea front. A few bevvies and a couple of bottles of wine, a walk home (no taxis due to covid ruining the working business of ranks), I decided on a nice Brandy to end the evening.
Oh no :eek: the cupboard was bare.
Captain Morgans Spiced in an Edinburgh crystal Brandy glass, well it was was out, waiting and welcoming.
4th time out in 2 years it used to be a couple of times a week. I feel almost human
Cheers All.
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