Weishi 9306 TTO Razor

Recently received my Weishi 9306, which I believe is the same head used by the Wilkinson Sword Classic. I was pleasantly suprised. I like the razor, it shaves well, providing an easy, close, comfortable shave with an intuitive shave angle. It is more efficient than the Gillette Super Speed, and the Baili BD179, about on-par with a Karve C/D, in terms of efficiency, but with more blade feel. The Weishi can be had with several different handle styles, handle lengths and colours (with or without the Weishi logo), including the same handle style as the Wilkinson Sword for about GBP £10 delivered off AliExpress (why have a Weishi rebranded as a Wilkinson Sword Classic, when you can have the original :) ). The Weishi appears well constructed, tolerances are tight and the plating is flawless. I am not sure what the razor is made from, copper alloy and/or brass alloy, I have read on some forums. I can confirm, as others have reported, the only part of the razor that attracts a magnet is the TTO knob - not sure if that means anything though. The handle knurling is excellent; the blade is held securely; blade alighnment is accurate and the razor is well balanced with well judged weighting. The razor deserves to be more popular, in this part of the world. All in all, a very good, medium aggressive, shaver, for not very much money. The Wilkinson Sword rebranding (albeit with a significant price increase) of Weishi's excellent, quality, inexpensive TTO razor, was a smart move.


* measurements / weights are approximate only.




Excellent, detailed reviews of the razor, were undertaken by the MadScientist in 2016 (which is still up on You Tube as at Apr'22) and more recently, over at Paste & Cut, which prompted my own purchase. I have to say, both were spot-on, in their observations.
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A Weishi 9306FL was my first DE in 2016. I knew they had some poor models prior to the 9306 series, but the 9306 was supposed to be decent. And it definitely was - the TTO mechanism was smooth, it clamped the blade well, and the knurling was grippy but comfortable.
I liked it well enough (except for the exposed blade tabs), but gave it away to a friend since, as I prefered 3 piece razors (still do).

Since then, however, I went and bought a few more TTOs - a 9306 with a brass-like paint and a shorter handle, a Baili DB279 (basically a BD179 with a longer handle) and a Weidi WR-T3 (I think Weidi might actually be a Baili sub-brand).
Mostly for the convenience and quick blade loading.
I also got a QShave/Ming-Shi Futur clone for the same reason and it was OK, but the blade clamp wasn't that great, so not very comfortable ATG. Later, some of the paint on the inside cracked/chipped off and it seemed to be rusting (cleaning helped none), so it ended up in the bin.
The SNMIRN I liked more, but the middle magnet fell out twice - I glued it with a weaker glue the first time around, with a strong glue the second time but the wrong way the second time around and had to bin it.

Out of these five razors, I actually like the Weidi WR-T3 the most so far. The extra blade gap allows for better flow through and combined with little teeth on the safety bar, it worked effortlessly on up to ~5 days of growth.
Grip isn't bad, but I do wish it were more like that on a Weishi 9306.

They're all pretty good razors.
Actually you were my enabler for last year's holiday razor.....the Lord L6. This one arrived today and is my choice for this year!
...I find the the Weishi is a good shaver, the Lord L6 though is something else and remains a firm favourite :).
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