Weather Apps

Cambridgeshire, UK
part time flying instructor so pretty much weather obsessed for obvious reasons. We tend to use the met office both joe public version and aviation briefings (available to anyone but can be double Dutch at times) and windy which gives us up to date radar. I use AeroWeather too which gives up to date current weather, again aviation focused but they are less than an hour old and give very accurate information at official weather stations so there will be one near to where you live - my nearest is Wittering
The most important thing, with any weather app, is to find out where they source their weather data and, crucially, which reporting station is used for your location.

I live quite close to Manchester Airport, but the Met office reporting station that their app links to my location is a good 5 miles in the opposite direction.

For that reason i have always used Dark Skies, Accuweather and Met Office apps and just average out what the 3 of them suggest - which seems to give fairly accurate results.
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