Vintage Gillette cleaning.

Just received a rather nice RFB. What looked like a few spots of plating loss in the sale photos looks like caked on vintage soap :D

So I have given it a good soak in some fairy lipsquid. And some of the caked on soap has easily been removed with a tooth brush. Any tips for removing the rest, especially from the inside of the open ball end handle. Or do I just need to soak it overnight in something?
West Sussex, UK
I soak in boiling water and washing up liquid (as you have done already) then I use a toothbrush and some Peek polish to get the nooks and cranny's before giving it a buff with a jewelers polishing cloth.

I strongly advise against the use of ultrasonic cleaners on vintage razors because if any plating is less than perfect it will come right off... Learnt from experience :cry:
Toothpaste was a great help and I borrowed an ultrasonic cleaner (plating still in tact). Ultrasonic really helped with the hollow handle. Razor is currently air drying and its going in the Barbacide tomorrow. Should be ready for my 100th DE shave anniversary :D.

BTW the razor came with a plated blade holder which is the test pilot for for all cleaning procedures.
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