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Since I removed Tapatalk I have been working on making TSR available as an App. It's in it's early stages at the moment but people can install and use it while I still tweak things.
If you want to try it out then you can install direct from your browser. (this is done with chrome but other browsers should be very similar)
  • While on any TSR page, click the 3 dots to open your browser settings.
  • You should see an option in the menu to 'Add to Home Screen' (Mobile) or 'Install The Shaving Room' (Desktop)

  • Screenshot_20190824-130535.png

  • When you select the install option a confirmation prompt will appear

  • Screenshot_20190824-130633.png

  • Click to add and the app will be available from your mobile home screen.
Everything is very early beta at the moment but please try it and leave feedback if you find problems.
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