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Do any of you guys actually ride? I got addicted to cycling a few year's ago after 20 years of running finally wore me down. The leg shaving is a bonus too, a bit too odd for some folk but it's all part of the cycling tradition and a good way to use up some surplus soaps etc.
I used to but not anymore. This is me at the 2003 Tour, there was a centenary celebration ride on the morning of the last stage I think there were around 12000 of us riding the last stage. We had a choice of terrible fitting retro jerseys to wear and most people chose yellow of course. The photo was taken just over the line on the Champs Elysees. Quite an amazing experience and also an eye-opener as to how motorists in France treat cyclists compared to the UK. Our own David Miller won the time trial the day before and Armstrong 'won' the GC from Ullrich (who also later admitted doping).
Coincidentally (again), Armstrong was knocked off his bike by a spectator waving a musette ( the feed bags that riders get their supplies in) on a climb, Ullrich waited on the climb for him, it was quite the sporting gesture. By the way, the spectator was never sued, fined, or banned.

That's a different scenario, that one is probably prompted by some 'no win no fee' legal mob wanting a cut. The whole blame culture annoys me plus it's not the cyclists suing her, it's the tour. Meanwhile, they ignore the cops and TV crews who cause much more damage, not to mention the French farmers who block the roads in protest almost annually. Why don't they sue the farmers?
I do think she should be held accountable for her actions, give her a fine and ban her from roadside tours for 5 years but suing her for it seems way out of proportion.
Looks like the ASO have dropped their complaint and are not suing. Although the French Police are likely to fine her. Sky sports said that it is likely to be 1500 euros. The BBC updated this article last night.
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