TK Maxx

Wigan, Lancashire
They had Golddachs shaving soap in the Manchester Arndale store the other day. I got a Sandalwood one for a fiver. It’s ok, nothing special, but the lovely tin will come in handy for something nicer down the line. Also got a Proraso pre as above, amongst loads of other shit. It’s one of those shops I always end up spending about £100 in, having gone in looking for a £20 shirt. Oh, they had Proraso aftershave too.
I bought a Proraso blue and the last Tabac shaving creams from my local one the other day.(M6, J9)
There was loads of Proraso ASB and Preshave, but I passed.

I saw the tins of scented soap, but thought they were hand soaps.
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