Active Timeless 0.95 base plate

Hi Guys,
I have recently purchased a Timeless DE with 0 68 gap and wondered if anyone had a Timeless 0.95 base place I could borrow? I dont just want to take a chance an order one from Maggards at £130 only to find it didn't suite me!! I will off course cover P&P. Thanks for looking.
I've had my Timeless SS 0.68 SB and OC for almost 3 years now.
The OC is awesome if I don't shave for 1-2 weeks, mows it down like it doesn't exist.
The SB top notch daily shaver.
I usually keep to 2-3 days per shave, as I have tender skin, easy to knick and cut.

Tempted to try out a 0.95 plate.
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