The Crocodile

A guy goes into his local pub one night and sees a man sitting in the corner with a crocodile.
He asks the barman “What’s going on over there ?” The barman replies “It’s a performing crocodile and he’s doing his first show tonight”.
A short while later the man steps on stage with the crocodile and asks the audience if they’d like to take part in the show.
There’s some chatter around the pub but no-one is prepared to take up the offer.
He assures the audience the croc is friendly and won’t bite. “Watch this!” he says.
He pulls apart the big croc’s jaws and puts his dick in its mouth. He proceeds to whack the crocodile several times squarely over the head with a thick plank of wood. The crocodile doesn’t flinch or move a muscle.
The man looks back to the audience and asks if anyone would like to try it.
At the back of the crowd a little old lady put her hand up.
She shouts “ I’ll have a go, but don’t hit me as hard as you hit that crocodile !”
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