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Sunny Cornwall
Ok, as you can see I put some cream the size of a marrowfat pea into my bowl and not too long later I had whipped up a thick glossy stable lather, it felt like one of my top end tallow soap lathers when applied to my face.
Throughout the shave the lather was slick leaving behind a slickness on my skin and it had plenty enough cushion .
The lather was stable throughout the shave and the second picture is the lather that I had left after my shave, so from marrowfat pea down to garden pea the next time.
The scent was pleasant although I'm not the best for telling you what it smells like exactly.
The quality of the lather produced was spot on and off the back of just one lathering I would say it's bang on and I would buy some and I'm not a cream man, I prefer my hard soaps!
Will test with another brush tomorrow.
Well done James.
Ps , post shave my skin felt soft and supple and I have not put anything on to my skin since the shave.

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One thing I forgot to mention of was when I opened it yesterday it had been in the warm postman's van and it was a very thick liquid but come this morning after a cold night in my cottage it had turned into a soft putty like consistency that I could mold with my fingers. Just something I noticed!


Mine was firm, closer to a croap than a cream. Maybe that's down to it being absolutely freezing where I am!

My initial thoughts were very positive when I opened the container, a pleasant scent that seemed quite mild but conversely it was a lot stronger when the lather was on my face, but praise be to the Lords above it didn't make my face burn! I have no idea where to start in how to describe the scent profile though.

Now on the shave itself, I didn't use enough soap to begin with so my lather was a little thinner than I'd have liked but it was beautifully slick, I'll load a bit more soap for tomorrow's shave with it. I used the soap that was stuck the lid and it produced a slightly thin lather for 1 pass and clean up, the soap's fairly efficient.

I loaded the soap like I load Brian's SS soaps where I take out an amount, press to a clear lid, load it from there to the brush then build it on my face, it might seem like a convoluted way of doing so but it's actually quick, gives me control of how much soap to load, keeps water out of the soap container.

As for building a lather it seemed pretty easy to do so, and it seems to have quite a forgiving window of hydration as well. When I squeezed out the lather from the brush, it was clear to see it was a very glossy and shiny one.

IMO, one of the most important parts of any shave is how much resistance there can be between the blade and stubble, but there seemed to be none in today's one, and I finished it with no razor burn, nicks cuts or irritation from the blade itself. I'm not going to assess the soap on it's first shave, some of my favourite scents/lathers have taken me a number of uses to get familiar with but the lather produced was slick during the shave with a good neutral post shave feel.

Like Paul, I'd be interested in trying an unscented version of this cream.

Thanks for sending me the tester @James Riley I am sure I will get to enjoy it more over extended usage.
Sunny Cornwall
Today's lathering mirrored yesterday's, a pea sized amount was used which gave me more than enough lather for a two pass shave with a straight razor, the lather was thick and as slick as a Texas puddle giving me great protection for a straight razor shave.
I had no difficulty in getting to the required finish on the lather by adding a few drops of water at a time and using my damp badger brush until I was happy with the consistency.
Again, I think this cream is bang on, I still cannot pin the scent down but it is pleasant, it is the performance of the cream/lather that is if upmost importance to me anyway.

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