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Sunny Sunderland
A bit of a test today for the trial cream using a Str8 and the large Silvertip badger.
Basically i tried a dip and twist from the tin to coat the brush tips, the cream/soap was mainly on centre of the dampened brush and by no means all covered, its a gamble i thought. I started the lather off in the bowl to even out the cream on the tips then face lathered, the lather built up quickly and i had a nice quick slick covering. The first pass was easy enough and went without issue.
A quick rinse off, i squeezed the brush to bring the "heavy" lather to the tips of the brush, using the rinse water on the face i completed another face lather and had just enough for the second pass - a little did go a long way. the second lather was a little "looser" although i think this helped the slip for the razor.
All in all a nice shave.
The Scent?
It is growing on me which is probably just as well, Arthur @Electrif hit the nail on the head with the Dark Matter signature notes, i had no idea what that smelled like and had ordered a tub before Arthur posted, now, side by side they are on Par, reading the scent notes i can now start to pick out individual notes that were familiar but could not put my finger on.
For me the lather and scent strength is on par with any soap i have tried, however, i prefer hard soaps and rarely use creams (that could change when the stocks start to drop ;)).
Good Job @James Riley
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