SuperMax fans - is it my razor that's wrong?

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
I'll bite! I know I don't ...

I generally don't like Gillette blades. That old Rhino blade was phenomenal and I am very much of the mind that it has been re-released as the Super Blue. Exception to prove the rule. That rule is generally that the fierceness ruins the first shave and the ever-present threat of getting bitten itself eats into the zen moment of shaving with a fresh blade. I've clicked with Treet and Lord which delivers the same results but with smoothness from the off.

Choice is good.
Just an off the cuff opinion, but I often question my own intelligence for straying away from tried & true modern Gillette blades. I am 100% sure that nothing else currently made will top them with only the Personna Blue and the Bic DE blades perhaps equaling the aforementioned. But, I also understand the desire to wander off the "reservation" and explore different stuff. :whistle:

IMO, Russian Gillettes are very consistent blades, not just for QC but consistency in working with various razors/growth and so on, for example there seem to be very few reports of people finding their razors do not work well with Astra SP's and Nacets; and I'd wager they are two of the most popular blades across all the shaving forums I frequent. Both those blades seem to be favoured by users of modern and vintage razors, and efficient and mild razors (and everything in between).

I do not think subcontinent blades including Gillettes are as consistent, but the 7 Black and Winner Platinum right now seem to be my two favourite blades, I find they produce really enjoyable shaves with my Old Type which seems to be a little more finicky for blades than my Fat Handle/Ball End Techs I use also frequently.
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