Straight Razor Shave of the Day

Not too far from LHR
I gave my Baurmann a good stropping and after a face wash with La Toja Magno I went for Proraso sandalwood cream in a tube on my cheap Men-ü boar. All fairly sedate and unassuming for a weds morning, late for work but grabbing back half an hour from all the extra I've given lately. Was a cracking lather off the Proraso despite that brush being a bit of a lather hog with some soaps. 3 passes, zero damage and result was smoother than Swiss Toni with fine wine and Belgian chocolates. Finish with alum spray just out of curiosity to see if it would tingle (it did a little), then Bio oil to try to hang on to my youthful looks!

CBA posting a pic as you've probably seen that Baurmann enough, and the other stuff was hardly exotic. Good result though.
Swiss Toni
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Orange Thursday.
After yesterday's close shave, the 14-2.0 didn't have much to do.

I've a nagging feeling the Extro doesn't agree with me. I'll be gutted as I love the smell of the Arancia Italiana. It seems to give me a little tingle, not sure I like that. If I have to let it go I'll miss the scent like crazy.
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Great looking shaves gears especially the razor!! :love:
I have some soaps that give me that tingle sensation too but like you, I love the scent very much, and further, it's difficult for me to offload where I am. So, I persevered and instead of face, I bowl lathered for that soap. It sure helps and I get to enjoy the soaps...
Hope this can help...
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