Straight Razor Shave of the Day

Not too far from LHR
Another outing for the 14/2.0 after 25 laps on linen and 50 on leather. After a face wash and hot towel, the Ach Brito Mogno gave a wonderful slick lather, effortless with the Moka Express synth. This brush never ceases to please, I have brushes I want to like more, but this unassuming synthetic has yet to disappoint and I find myself reaching for it the most. The Mogno is another unassuming looking little bar, but has a light, fresh scent and is so easy to get a slick lather from.

The shave itself was smooth and comfortable with DFS+ from 3 passes, except those hard to reach areas with a straight razor under the jaw. It wasn't quite perfect, I slightly overdid the chin and got a little spot of blood, and a momentary lapse of focus allowed the unmuted square point to remind me to wake up. Nothing that didn't stop on its own, no alum needed, just a gentle reminder to watch the toe! Despite that, very enjoyable. I do enjoy this razor every time I use it, despite its unforgiving nature.
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