SOTD : Saturday 6 August - Friday 12 August 2022.

North East.UK

SOTD : 6th August 2022.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/Asda Tingly Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel.

Cold wet flannel to my face & head
Pears Transparent Soap.
Brush: Lider Turkish Boar.
Face & head Lather.
Frankensoap: Arko + Palmolive Classic grated Shave sticks.(grated)
Blade: Personna Gem PTFE. (D4)
Razor: Gem Micromatic. (OC) 1930

Cold water face wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse. /Homemade (~Spring/Summer mix~) Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Essential Oils.3 Menthol Crystals Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./Arko Cool AS-Cologne + ASB.


(Face & head Shave.)

Early morning shave..

I had all intention's to do a Turkish theme week, but changed my mind at the last minute, and decided to carry on for another week using my SE razors after the wonderful shaves i have had with them over them last month, with the addition of some Turkish shaving assortments to keep the Turkish theme intention in mind.

Starting the weekend off with the Gem Micromatic (OC) which is the most assertive of all my vintage SE razors. A wonderfully efficient razor that treated with respect applying good technique this vintage lady rewards you with sublime smooth shaves.

The Lider turkish boar brush i will be using with all my shaves throughout the week.. After a 5 minute soak in cold water then a quick squeeze to release the excessive water it built up a wonderful lather from the grated Arko & Palmolive classic sticks adding water to the tips of the brush until i got the consistency of which i like. The Franken-soap classic duo never fails to give a superb lather, with a equally good post shave feel.

A wonderful face & head shave with no errors to report...Finishing to the shave off with a few small dollops of Arko Cool ASB..

My face & precious swede are feeling super smooth and smelling divine.;)

Stay Safe, and enjoy the start of the weekend Ladies & Gentlemen.:cool:
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Sat 6 SOTD
Soap Barrister & Mann Vespers
Brush Yaqi 22mm Joy Butterscotch Boar
Razor Gillette Single Ring
Blade JAWS Platinum 4th
Aftershave B&M Vespers Balm
Outstanding soap...for the rich creamy slick lather and the beautiful scent...together with the matching, I am loving this scent more than ever...!!! This shave with my oldest DE razor paired perfectly with the blade was absolutely flawless. Very enjoyable 3passes without issues for a bbs finish. Awesome!
Today's shave:


- Musgo Real Orange Amber
- Tatara/Semogue Finest
- Nodachi with Feather blade
- Floïd The Genuine suave aftershave



Staff Member
Sunny Sunderland
Pre - Sainsbury's Luxury Soap, Bergamot & Nectarine
Brush - Silver Birch Brushes - Cocobolo 26mm Silvertip
Soap - Arran soap Co. Lochranza
Razor - ATT X1 Slant
Blade - Kai Captain Titan Mild
Post - Cold water Rinse, TC's infused Witch Hazel
Balm - Arran soap Co. Lochranza
A/S - Arran soap Co. Lochranza

It been a while since i used the Lochranza, a very light, bright scented set. I did enjoy that.
The X1 is a very efficient fellow paired with the KAI blade, 2 passes today for a very close finish, i did get a little indication from the splash, but all worth it.
Stay safe and enjoy your day.


Sunny North Wales
SOTD 06-Aug
Brush: Alpha UKWSS G5D
Soap: A&E The Novelist
Razor: Gillette Slim
Blade: Nacet (3)
Post: A&E The Novelist AS

Brilliant shave this morning with the new slim, straight to 6 and it was ideal. Straight two pass, WTG and ATG for a very smooth finish.

New acquisition in the form of the alpha UKWSS brush buy. Thought I'd give the synth a try first. I've only got a couple of synths that really see the light of day anymore, the PAAs are out for me now, they just lack the backbone I've become accustomed to, so I cycle between the Simpson bristle and the Cadman Tuxedo when I do use a synth. This G5D has a nice bit of backbone but can splay a bit more, so is a little less 'pokey' than the Simpson and Cadman. I was initially unimpressed when building the lather when I ended up flicking it everywhere, I think I was being a tad over exuberant, but it settled swiftly enough. It also seems to be able to retain a fair bit of water and lather, so much so I actually overloaded and had enough for another few passes. Will it replace my naturals, no, but I would happily use it in routine rotation and will possibly become my go to travel brush.

Well that turned into more of a ramble than I intended but it's typed now!

Hope everyone has a grand day!


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Sotd 06/08

Pre shave: PAA cube
Soap: PAA wow signal 2020 ck6
Splash: PAA wow signal 2020
Balm: PAA wow signal 2020 star jelly
Alum bloc
Bowl: wet the face
Brush: Boti 30mm synthetic
Razor: karve stainless OC-D plate
Blade: Gillette nacet 2nd use

Morning folks had a great shave this morning decided to use some PAA this morning and went for the wow signal really nice scent on this one wife says its kinda smokey and really nice and really nice scent on the splash as well

Have a good one
20220806_092643.jpg 20220806_092722.jpg 20220806_093215.jpg

Prep: Country Life Tallow/Lanolin/Glycerin Soap, Myrsol Emulsion
Brush: Saponificio Varesino Two-band High Mountain Manchurian White Badger
Soap: Mammoth Soaps Tobacconist
Razor: Rex Ambassador (3)
Blade: Vintage NOS Personna Super Platinum Chrome (5)
Post: Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel, Vitos Tobacco Aftershave Lotion
Scent: Creed Tabarome Millesime EDP
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