SOTD : Saturday 20th February to Friday 26th February 2021


I'm ready to mobilise the peacekeeping force should things get out of hand with you two:

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NB: I wasn't allowed to set them up for a photo - under strict instruction from their commander.

Ah, but we are not signatories to NABTO.....North Atlantic Bear Treaty Organisation or UNB, so we don't accept any peace keeping forces

We just believe in Teddicide
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Tuesday 23rd February


French Pink Clay & Charcoal Face Soap
Wickham 1912 English Rose Shaving Soap
Semogue SOC Butterscotch (Boar)
Muhle Rocca R95
Zorrik Supreme (1)
Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia

You know, the more I use this Muhle Rocca the less I want to use anything else. I know I've been using it a lot recently and mixing in the RazoRock German Slant on a one in three rotation, but every time I use something else I really rather wish I had just loaded up the Rocca. I've really clicked with it.

I was perhaps a little premature in my summary of the new brand SuperMax Titanium. While it was indeed empirically dull after two shaves, both of them were close and soooo smooth, with the regrowth (particularly off the second shave) being very comfortable and really soft. Perfect for multi-pass shavers, particularly those with sensitive skin prone to rashes where the fierceness of many a Gillette blade would have them running back to cartridges. It's one I'll keep at the back of my mind for after a rough shave ...

So, on to this evening's shave which was with the Zorrik Supreme, a chrome coated blade from the current SuperMax Global line-up which I suspect is the same blade as the Zorrik Talvar (presumably an Indian market branding), the SuperMax Chromium (in burgindy packaging) and the Vidyut Super Chromium (in yellow packaging), again rarely seen outside of India and Sri Lanka.


... and I'm not quite sure what to say about it!

It was not as sharp as the Super Stainless blades from the SuperMax house that I've been using recently and absolutely nowhere near as smooth as the Titanium or the Super Platinums. But, it delivered an absolutely sound shave which I must have enjoyed since I pushed on for two passes to get that little extra out of the shave.

It is absolutely neutral, kinda like getting into a brand new BMW where you know the plush leather interior really ought to smell of leather, well, really ought to smell of something, anything ... but doesn't. The blade is entirely without character. It just shaves, well enough, and that's that! I have to say, I feel much the same about the Lord Super Chrome and Shark Super Chrome - again, just good shaves without any drama, in fact so devoid of drama you'd say it was ... well, boring?

Don't get me wrong, because if an entirely uneventful and absolutely forgettable shave is something you like then this could be the blade for you.

Phoenix and Beau Denali
RazoRock Disrupter 22mm synth
Face lather
Valet Autostrop VC3
Feather Hi Stainless
Thayer’s Rose Petal and Aloe Vera
Fine Snake Bite after shave

That cleared the tubes.

The VC3 is never going to the the bully of the wash house in my collection (the Gillette Olds, the R41 and the Yaqi Kantana steal its lunch money, I reckon). It’s a mild mannered wee fellow, but it did the job this evening.

24/02/21 - 4 FEather FEbruary

Razor: Oneblade Genesis V2
Blade: Feather FHS-10 (1)
Brush: AP Shave 24mm SynBad
Soap: Fine American Blend (21st Century)
Pre: Proraso White
ASL: Signature Soaps Vectis
ASB: Nivea


Better performance from the soap this time. It still doesn't warrant its £20 price tag but I'll be keeping it for the scent which is awesome.


Sunny Cornwall
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@Satanfriendly @Blademonkey - 'Aye 'mone then?' - I'll see your southern bears and raise you. Glaswegian badgers -
the shock troops of any toy cupboard rumble. Nice guys when sober - but highly volatile when not. :) - I.
This is not an interspecies conflict, this is teddy warfare.
The Cornish bears have always respected the Glaswegian Badger and have no truck with you.

With respect,

The Cornish Bear Coalition (CBC)
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