SOTD : Saturday 2 July - Friday 8 July 2022.


Sunny North Wales
SOTD 05-July
Brush: C&H 'Finned' V14
Soap: WK Double Agent
Razor: Blackland Vector
Blade: Feather Professional (2)
Post: WK Double Agent AS

Good shave this morning, swift, close and irritation free. Combined with the good performing but relatively subtle double agent my day is off to a decent start.

Hope everyone has a good day!




Staff Member
Sunny Sunderland
Pre - Pears Transparent Face Wash
Brush - Semogue Torga C5 Boar
Soap - Proraso Green Eucalyptus & Menthol
Razor - PILS 101 NE Std Finish
Blade - 7 o' Clock SP Black
Post - Cold water Rinse, TC's infused Witch Hazel
Balm - Proraso Green
A/S - Proraso Green

Wk27 (4).JPG
Very nice!
Stay safe and enjoy your day All.
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Tuesday 5th July

Metal Timberwolf - TOBS Organic - Supply V1 - Harvard Vetiver AS - Autograph Spiced Vetiver EDP

A lovely shave today. At one time I just could not get a result with this razor and very nearly sold it........that would have been a big step me me as I never sell anything.
After languishing in the back of a drawer for a couple of years I decided to have another go and have never looked back!
3 passes for a perfect result :)


'Wish you were here' is the chosen theme for this morning's frolics by the sink.


And you are wishing not


Wishing on a star - Tatara Nodachi
Wishing well - Gillette Nacet
Wishing for better - Yaqi Dandelion
Your wish is my command - Signature Soaps Valentia
Best wishes to all - Botanics moisturiser

Satan's shoes

'I wish, I wish, I wish this man would just go away'

A super start to the day with the Tatara leading the way. And no Polsilver!? To be honest I am trialing a few other blades in anticipation of the dreaded day when the Lodz are confined to history. To this extent the Nacet ticks all the right boxes and a lovely pairing with the Nodachi.

The Signature and the Yaqi being another.

Frolicking over and on to face the day in a smooth and happy manner.

Have a great day all, and wish you were here.......instead of me.

So here's wishing TsuShiMaMiRe on you

Kent UK
Tue 5th July

The Grosvenor 404 mixed
Vitos Super Red
Gem Micromatic - Bullet tip
Gem S/S [ 3 ]
GB Grey Flannel A/S Lotion

Today I used the latest version of the Micromatic, often called a Bullet tip to differentiate it from the other models. I rarely use this one, as I find it rather mild, and today it struggles to cope with two days growth.In fact I will probably withdraw this one from my usual Shave rotations joining the
ER Heavy Flat Top lookalike, which also despite its looks does not deliver for me.


Mike Smart

Edinburgh Scotland
Razor = Occam’s Oren
Blade = Feather Super Pro
Brush = 26mm Atomic Rocket By PAA
Soap = Cold Spices By PAA
Cologne = Cold Spices
Balm = Nivea Skin Energy
BD4260F0-BD3D-469D-805B-6F1AFE16FCCA.jpeg First Shave back home & man it feels fine
Home Sweet Home GIF
It’s My Birthday week this week.
Not today but Saturday i think
( it’s an age thing ) lol
So iv decided to shave everyday with a Homage to Old Spice with my Birthday being Old Spice itself.
Back to today
A wonderful 3 pass shave,
At first i was going to do a 2 pass shave with me wanting to shave everyday but it’s like a pack of pringles, once i start i just can’t stop so 3 passes it was.
The Razor & Blade were firsts for me and i really enjoyed it.
I Genuinely haven’t heard such feedback on a razor as i did with this, i couldn’t actually believe how loud it was, i’ll assume it’s the design of the razor with sound getting trapped in between
( I Think )
I don’t know why but iv been after this razor for a while but they have been out of stock & again selling fast.
Also i have never used an Artist Club Blade so i can’t really compare,
I went with the Super Pro but any recommendations would be good.
The soap is definitely similar to Old Spice for sure although this one has a touch of menthol, just the right amount that it doesn’t sting your eyes.
Now i can’t wait until tomorrow
Stay Safe Guys


SOTD: 05/07/2022

Razor: Leaf Twig
Blade: Gillette Black 7 O’clock , 2nd use
Brush: Shedeleven Spalted Scottish Hawthorn AP Shave Co G5C 26mm Fan
Bowl: Captains Choice Copper Lather Bowl Standard Bowl
Preshave: PAA Cube Unscented Soap
Soap: Liz Earle For Men Sensitive Shave Cream Cream
Aftershave: Milton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Cologne
Balm: Proraso Crema Liquida Dopobarba Balm
Additional Care: Osma Laboratoires Alum Block

Another effortless shave with the Twig. I thought I’d try to start using up old bits and bobs soap wise today so the old Liz Earle was bought out from my cartridge days. It actually was delightful, the sage, eucalyptus And whatever shave grass combined to make a lovely refreshing lather, in a similar vein to Proraso green but not. It also gave a great post shave feel. Most of her stuff is designed for sensitive skin, (my wife won’t use anything else!) and it certainly felt good to use properly lathered which I never used to do. I won’t be buying more but it won’t be a bind to use up!
Last day for the Twig, two days only as it’s a half DE and I figure it’s already past it’s best doing all the work on its own.
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