SOTD : Saturday 1st May to Friday 7th May 2021.

Cat-Pig Swamp
First use of this vintage Single Ring Gillette from the '20's
Vintage Ever~Ready brush
Vintage Williams shave soap
German Wilkinson Sword blade
Clubman Pinaud aftershave

Wed 5th SOTD
Soap Barrister & Mann TFMOM
Brush Yaqi 26mm Moka Express 2 Band Badger
Razor Karve Brass SB-D
Blade Gillette London Bridge 1st
Post & Aftershaves Ice Water + Stirling Witchhazel MitA + Hyaluronic + Barrister & Mann TFMOM Balm
Really special scented soap. Cigarish/Tobaccoish scented and kinda sweet? The lather was creamy and good slickness...
Shave with razor paired with the blade was very good. Very smooth and comfortable for 3passes without issues for a mostly bbs finish. Awesome cooling from MitA and the AS balm truly lasted and was able to enjoy the aromatic Cigarish/Tobaccoish scent for many hours.
North Wales
Prep: Shower, Palmolive olive oil soap
Soap: Figaro
Brush: 24mm Yaqi Sagrada Familia Tuxedo
Razor: Merkur 34C HD
Blade: Tiger (1)
Post: Tabac

Since I joined this forum, I've wondered how much difference there can be in a blade through different razors. Today showed me. While the Tiger is a dream through every razor I've tried so far, it clammed up in the Merkur. Not a "bad" shave, but not the level the Tiger normally gives me. Can't blame the soap - the Figaro performed well - it just felt harder work to get a passable shave. Back on the Parker for a day or two I think - restore my faith in the Tiger ;)


Romford, Essex, UK
Todays Cold Water Shave Kit - Wednesday 5th May 2021

Shave Score 9.5/10.0

PreShave: Hot Shower / Signature Soaps-Patchouli Foaming Shower
PreShave Cream: N/A
Soap: Signature Soaps - Danum (Patchouli)
Brush: Yaqi 24mm - Purple Haze
Razor: RazoRock GC .84 OC
Blade: Gillette Nacet (2)
Post Shave ASL: Signature Soaps - Danum (Patchouli)
Post Shave Balm: Barts Balms - Ben Vorlich
Post Shave Cologne: John Varvartos - Artisan Pure

A DFS/BBS shave this morning, went for the all in Patchouli experience again today, and finished with a great peppery hit from the Barts Vorlich :)

Have a safe and great day all.




A wonderful shave brought to you with the theme 'What a load of old Cobras'


A load of money - Cobra
A load of cobblers - Kai Captain
A load of rubbish - Wee whisky barrel
A load of trash - Bath House Spanish fig and nutmeg soap
A load of old bollocks - Bath House Spanish fig and nutmeg EDC

'You said bollocks'

'Oh my. What are those?'

On a more serious level

Firstly many thanks to @Manstein for the very kind and out of the blue offer of the loan of the Cobra. I did loan one some years back from the monkey of the blade and recall it being very memorable in a very positive sense. This shave was to prove a return to shaving wonderment.

In theory the Cobra should be pretty useless in term of the art of the razor. The blade securing mechanism is savage and a clumsy piece of simplistic design. Not only that the word secure should be read as 'not secure'. Once 'secure' the blade wobbles like a drunken stroll at 2am and the finish takes some consideration. First impressions are 'mmmmm?' and 'bloody hell, that is a lot of Blade on show'

Not much going in its favour

After being so impressed with the Bath House Cuban Cedar and Lime soap the Spanish fig and nutmeg was always going to be on the books being as the EDC is a top scent. Exactly the same performance and absolutely superb. The whisky barrel brush once again proving its excellence with a hard soap. Soapy wonders out of the way and on to the shave.

In many ways the Cobra shaves very much the same as the Occams Enoch and when you see the two side by side their are some shared similarities. Again like the Enoch a little time is required to adjust and find the angle. But this is where reserved thoughts are dispelled and everything clicks in to focus. Find that angle, find the best way to hold the awkward handle, find the pressure required and boy oh boy, heaven awaits.

I can see every reason why the Cobra is such a 'want one'. It is the fact that it shouldn't work and the reality that it delivers exceptional results which makes this razor so fascinating. It is that edge of the seat approach and quirky mannerism which has me astounded. A real class act in every aspect of being closely shaved. It does have one holding one's breath in the initial strokes but once sorted perfection is there to be taken. I wouldn't call it aggressive but it is certainly not fluffy and friendly and does carry a few warning signs to respect the blade.

A couple of stealth weepers and other than that a flawless result. One of those 'wowser wowser wowser' shaves with massive grin factor.

I am sure other shaves will come along with betterment but I reckon the Cobra could probably deliver the same day after day. In this sense it reminds me of the Ikon B1 where excellence is a prerequisite more than a by-product.

An utterly enjoyable shave with a rarity of a razor and a big thanks for the loan Manstein.

Have a smashing and safe day folk

And because I feel so damn fine I will leave you in the capable musical hands of those damn fine ladies, 'Band Maid'

'And goodbye Mr Friendly and don't bother your arse returning'
Wednesday, 5 May

PreShave: Warm to hot water—most from the boiled kettle, some from the tap
Cream: T&H Limes
Brush: Kent BK8
Bowl: My recycled T&H cream bowl
Razor: Mekur 39C
Blade Derby Extra (5)
Post Shave: Alum

Fragrance: none—work day

Day five of the “Derby Challenge.” The blade continues to roughen, nonetheless a smooth shave but with some resistance.
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