SOTD : Saturday 1st May to Friday 7th May 2021.

Prep- shower and then Proraso pre shave cream.
Razor- Rockwell 6S plate R4
Blade- Gillette Nacet #3
Brush- Semogue HD boar - soaked in warm water for 5 mins
Soap- Signature Shaving Soap: Hibernia
ASB- Proraso sensitive
Moisturiser-Kiehl's Facial Fuel
Alverez Gomez EDT Barberia
Soap loaded for 20 seconds and applied directly to face( I can't be doing with shaving bowls as there's no room in the bathroom to store the bowl and applying direct is simpler). I got a really great BBS finish. The Soap was a present from my sister- I'd mentioned Signature Soaps to her and she very kindly gifted me the Hibernia . Off to work . Have a great week .

Pre - Cien Soap Free Facial Scrub
Brush - Omega 10075 (23mm/48mm Boar)
Soap - Proraso Super Formula Green Cream
Razor - Ball End Tech
Blade - Treet Classic (1)
Post - Witch Hazel
AS - Cien Aqua

I really enjoyed this shave. The BET and Treet Classic wasn't the sharpest or most efficient combination, but was very comfortable even if the shave wasn't the closest.
My Omega 10075 is now fully broken in, and it has a slightly different character to a broken Omega boar with a 24mm/55mm knot like a 10066, which after breaking in can be a little floppy at times, which can't be said for the 10075. If possible, I think a knot with a loft in between the two might be sweet spot. I've been using synth brushes for a while, but I seem to always find my way back to using my Omega boar brushes, they might not be the best brushes I own, but the ones I enjoy using the most.

The shave was finished with the Cien Aqua splash which is quickly becoming one of my favourite shaving products irrespective of price.

Have a good day gents.
Kent UK
Tue 4th May

Muhle Silvertip, A-21mm
Hampshire Wool Fat
Yaqi Raster V2
Kai Captain Titan Mild Pink [ 1 ]
Pitralon Classic After Shave Lotion

This Razor arrived this morning, so just had to use it as I had not shaved earlier. A nice degree of blade feel with the Kai blade, rather amazed at the quality of the Shave and the finish. I just have to have a few back to back shaves to truly evaluate it - but first impressions are more than favourable especially as it was just under £33 delivered, maybe I do not need the ES Claymore-Evolution !!



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Sunny Sunderland
Pre: Shower, Pears Transparent Original Cold water Face wash
Brush: Yaqi Rainbow 26mm
Soap: OSP Trial Cream #1
Razor: Blackland Vector
Blade: Kai Titan Pink (8)
Post shave: Cold water Rinse, TC's infused Witch Hazel
Balm: Tonyschin's Cedarwood and Patchouli Argan Oil and Balm
Aftershave: Pinaud Gents Gin
Wk18 (4).JPG
Very nice for a face feeler BBS finish.
Stay safe and enjoy your day all.
Tuesday, 4 May

PreShave: Warm to hot water—most from the boiled kettle, some from the tap
Cream: Proraso Green
Brush: Kent BK8
Bowl: My recycled T&H cream bowl
Razor: Mekur 39C
Blade Derby Extra (4)
Post Shave: Alum

Fragrance: none—work day

Day four of the “Derby Challenge.” The blade was rougher than yesterday, nonetheless a smooth shave.
Today’s shave, after a warm shower.

Soap. ..... MWF
Brush. .... Beehive
Razor. .... Karve (c)
Blade. .... GSB (3)
Asb ...... L’Oreal
ASL ...... Terre D’Hermes.

Stay safe, keep smiling :)
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Sunny North Wales
SOTD 04-May
Prep: Warm Shower
Brush: Razorock Monster
Razor: Muhle R41
Blade: SuperMax Super Platinum
Post: Cold Water followed by Baxter Aftershave Balm

Bit of a 'meh' shave today, more functional than enjoyable. Making my way through the Oatcake more for necessity than enjoyment, still like the smell but I have others that I prefer and want to get back to (plus have to make room for more gear on the way). Last SOTD until it's gone.

Hope you're all have a good'un!


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