SOTD : Saturday 17th July to Friday 23rd July 2021.

Kent UK
If you look to other places you could bolt together a good itinerary - they have recently brought in a Kintyre 66 route - obviously much shorter - but a beautiful part of the world - worth two or three days of anyone's time - then bolt on a trip to the inner Hebrides - Islay, Tiree, Coll and Jura - which you reach from Kintyre. It will be much quieter! - cheers - I.
That sounds interesting. Would like at some time visit the Ackaracle peninsula area,Strontian.Spent months up there under Canvas, when on pre-para training.
Trouble is there are so many places in the UK worthy of a visit, and not enough time left to visit them all.

A lovely simple shower shave this morning. Effective and smooth. Like me! :LOL::ROFLMAO: I love the fresh scent of this LEA range which doesn't have the oakmoss of the Classic range. Ultra fresh for this hot weather. As usual the Giesen & Forsthoff Timor 1353 is such an easy razor to use.

Stay safe and enjoy your shaves!

Razor: Giesen & Forsthoff 1353
Blade: Feather (2)
Soap: LEA shave stick
Brush: Semogue 830
Pre-shave: PAA Cube
Post-shave: LEA Balm
Bowl: Face Lather
Seattle, WA, USA
Tuesday AM 2021-07-20
International Busking Day

Rooney 1/2 Faux Horn Finest (24/50)
Ethos Grooming Lavender Supreme shaving soap
Haircut & Shave P076-SB 17-4
Wilkinson Sword 'New' (17)
Ethos Grooming Lavender Supreme aftershave

Yep! But I have been using badgers for a good while already (~3-4 months) with good results for soaps - just zingari doesn't seem to play with this one. Will definitely give it couple more times - maybe it's just the bulb shape there that's messing with it a bit. With synth it went effortless! as you say yoghurt type lather and quite thirsty soap too! Definitely is - I feel like after initial lather up - the rose pulls back a bit and more of oud and amber come out!
Yes it is quite thirsty I found that too is it a bigger badger knot than you are used to ? I tend to load heavy with the Chubby 2 Manchurian could be that or it could just be that if the badger has been recently shampooed that it needs a few lathers again to get the best from it..I find that mine takes a few uses once it’s been cleaned let us know how you are getting on with the brush I would be interested to hear how it goes. That rose and Oud combination is favourite combo !

Mike Smart

Edinburgh Scotland
Razor = Rockwell 6s ( 4 )
Blade = Winner Platinum ( 2 )
Brush = 26mm 2 band Shavemac
Soap = A&E Turkish Coffee with matching splash
Balm = Barts Balms Sample H

Brilliant shave again for me today.
i never had a shave yesterday so was really looking forward to this one.
i haven’t used this soap in 4.5 months and i have to say i missed it.
The scent profile is love or hate
In a nut shell it’s coffee, but the post shave feel is absolutely wonderful and a slickness to match.
All the balms from Barts have been top class and truly wish i had discovered them earlier,
The price is a no brainer for me.
Anyway boys onwards & upwards
Take Care


A late start to this week's SOTD's because I am just a lazy bastard, but here it is, my first write up themed 'If I was a rebellious enslaved donkey I would be called Bernardo Sittingdale'


Who is Bernardo Sittingdale?

I am Bernardo Sittingdale - Rocnel SE P-50
No I am Bernardo Sittingdale - 0.478534% of a Dorco Prime
What? I am Bernardo Sittingdale - wee whisky barrel
I am that donkey - MDC Rose
Satanfriendly, you are a donkey - C&S 88

No! I am Bernardo Sittingdale
Fuck off you dumb Equidae

A very nice and summery return to the Goddess of Rose scented shaving soap, MDC. And why not it is summer after all and quite a warm one at that. And just to push a point further make it a very cold water shave. Heaven. To those of you who shave with the hot towel routine, get real, get cold and save on the household bills. All very ECO at the same time. Save gas, save some electricity and save some cow methane while at it.

I never did really see why stopping eating McDonald's burgers saves the planet. Surely we'd end up with even more cows passing wind merrily if we didn't pack them between bread in a polystyrene box? Never really a McDonald's type of chap to be honest. More a fan of cheese and Branston sandwiches.

And shaving? Nothing to do with it but isn't digression fantastic?

As it was the MDC produced its usual level of performance and a top notch lather. The wee whisky barrel brush driving it all along.

A return to the Rocnel with the usual sense of trepidation, but I do find aggressive razors kinder to the skin. This warmer weather can have my skin feeling rather edgy and sensitive. Throw something at it with a greater sense of efficiency (to be politically correct in the shaving world) and face meets sharp steel becomes more comfortable and lacking in that sensation, 'I am going to grind this shite away some way or another'. Certainly this was one ultra smooth experience with exemplary results. Close, close and close. No blood letting tales to share and what a razor this thing is starting to show itself to be. And I was a sceptic to the world of half blades.

I believe
I believe
I believe

A squeeze of Simple moisturiser, a spray of the amazing 88 and everything is coming up roses. And they are.


My new friend in the garden which appeared out of nowhere and a very welcome surprise to this year.

'Oh my dearest I have just read in the newspaper, you really are a twat'

But a well shaven one.

Have a wonderful remainder of the week and enjoy this beautiful weather and enjoy some Japanese ladies while at it

And you were expecting something with less culture about it? Something less cultural it shall be


My Shave today consisted of...
Prep Proraso preshave balm.
Brush Yaqi Lucky Dice.
Soap Folk Soap
Razor Kropp 8/8th.
Razor Leaf Razor for my head.
Blade Derby Extra.
Aftershave Baxter Aftershave Balm.

Hot shower and then onto a nice relaxing straight shave, a nice and slow shave today because I was using my new 8/8th axe.
The razor is very heavy in my hand and the blade looks like something Arnie would use to kill Predator in his next movie lol.
The Aftershave Balm and the shaving soap are from the new acquired PIF.
Short and sweet one tonight but the wife says it's a thumbs up shave.
Thank you for reading and stay safe out there.
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