SOTD : Saturday 16th January to Friday 22nd January 2021.

Good evening gents, I hope you're all well

Soap- Stirling Frozen Tundra
Brush- Dcosmetics Badger
Blade- Nacet #4
Razor- Yaqi DOC
Post- Barts Peppermint Oil
Splash- Floïd


First time with any type of Stirling soap and I'm impressed with it. Only a quick 2 passes this evening as I thought the blade was on its way out and this proved to be the case.
This soap is probably the strongest menthol scented soap I've had so far and I think I'd definitely purchase another Stirling soap based on tonight's shave.
The Nacet isn't my favourite blade and I probably won't buy these again in the future.

So all in all a very close, smooth shave and an eye wateringly good feeling post shave.

Stay safe everyone.
Fri 22nd SOTD
Cream MacaRoot & Aloe
Brush Yaqi 24mm Aqua Tuxedo
Razor Game Changer.84-P SB
Blade Feather Stainless 2nd
Post & Aftershaves Ice Water + Thayers + Hyaluronic + MacaRoot & Aloe Gel
Always an enjoyable lather from this cream. Pleasant scent and good performance.
Shave with razor paired with the blade was good although not as smooth and comfortable as yesterday's Karve Brass SB-D. For me, Karve is just a bit better, smoother feel, including efficiency...just a little. 3passes for a mostly BBS result. Doesn't seem to suffer any weepers but 2 micro creepers appear much later...hahaha. The lead role today is the MacaRoot Aloe Gel AS...feels so soothing & cooling. Rating 9.5/10


Romford, Essex, UK
Todays Shave Kit Friday 22nd

PreShave: Hot Shower / NIVEA MEN DEEP Anti-Blackhead Scrub
PreShave: Proraso White pre-shave cream
Soap: Stirling Sharp Dressed Man Soap
Brush: Clear Confidence Co Synthetic Shaving Brush - Vegan-Friendly
Razor: Merkur 34C HD
Blade Gillette Super Blue (1)
Post Shave: Proraso After Shave Refreshing
Post Shave Balm: Proraso Aftershave Balm White

Holy C%$!, My first shave with the GSB, as a DE noob (mach 3 most of life and now 47 years of age!) of only 1 month I thought I had found my holy grail blade with mt only other blades, the 100 Astra Platinums I bought and used this whole time.

No I hadn't, these GSB's are my new holy grail blade.

Albeit this is shave number 1 from this new GSB, from the first pull WTG to the last pull ATG this blade felt so steady and solid compared to the Astra's.
My face has never felt so clean all over when checking the feel ATG.
At this point I wouldn't care if I could only get 2 shaves out of these blades compared to the 4 I get with the Astras, just amazing.

Oh and not a single nick either :)

I have a feeling I might buy another 50 of these :)

Oh and im also now waiting for 50 Londons's and 60 Super Thin Platinums.

I'm doomed I tell ya :)

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Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Super Gillette Blue ...

Holy C%$!

... my new holy grail blade.
My face has never felt so clean ...

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Exactly my first thoughts, too. Superb blade!

You know in 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' where the chap kills the Cook if his puerco pibil is "too good" so balance is restored. I sorta feel like that about this blade, that I should shun it because it is too good.

I've got 50 (well, 49 now) and I'm happy to keep that little stash for special shaves every now and again ...
North Wales
Prep: Shower, followed by Proraso Green pre-shave
Soap: Proraso Green
Brush: 24mm Yaqi Sagrada Familia
Razor: Lord L6
Blade: Rapira Platinum (2)
Post: Alum, Brut, Bulldog balm

Rare outing for the cheap Lord, but my current go-to, a Gillette '74 slim twist hasn't felt "right"recently. Maybe it's been blade choice, but both a Treet Platinum and a Gillette Yellow left me wincing after a once-over with the alum block. While the Lord head does a decent job with the right blade, the handle is truly crap. Twice the length of my 70's Tech's handle, but the same weight (and that aluminium wonder's not exactly on the heavy side!) I compensate by holding higher up the stem, but should probably just swap it out for a heavier handle.

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