SOTD : Saturday 11 September to Friday 17 September 2021.


Prep: Shower with bulldog face scrub oil control soap.

Pre: None

Soap: Wickhams 1912 Magnum

Brush: Shave Brush 24 Mm Oumobrush Silvertip In a Handmade Bog Oak Handle

Razor: Hone 15

Blade: Astra SP

Post: Alum and Baxter’s aftershave balm.

My Wickhams samples and full pots such as this never disappoint, the Magnum is great and I need to grab a few others, club cola and the unobtainium Citrus Musk. Thick and slick lather, the brush is great, bought on a whim with little info but after a little research the Oumo silvertip is great, and the handle a hard yet light base which is ideal.
As ever the Hone mows down everything smoothly as if there’s nothing there and probably the only razor I’ve never had a nick with (from memory).
Schick L1 with NOS Dutch Schick Super Stainless blade
Stirling mutton tallow unscented Sheep soap
YaQi Mew Brown brush
The new Fine Clubhouse AS

This evening's shave, after I get back from my run, i.e. doing a bit of ramblin' will be:
Gillette Slim, loaded with one of the Gillette Thin blades I got as part of my Tech purchase. My thinking is that this razor was probably designed around using them!
I never fail to get a decent, nicely scented shave and follow up from any of the Stirling gear in my den, so as I'll most likely be knackered, this should do nicely.

Have a great evening Gents, I'm off out for a nice long run.


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This morning -

razor - Cobra Classic
blade - Proline P30 (2)
brush - Simpson Classic BB
soap - MT - Black Beer No.1
post - witch hazel
a/s - Myrsol - Agua Balsamica
balm - Alvarez Gomez
scent - Eau Sauvage edp

All good - next to nothing to take off after yesterday but fancied a shave none the less. The Black Beer No.1 paste and the Agua Balsamica is one of my favourite soap/aftershave combos. Not just in the quality of performance but also scent; both are quite heavily rosemary forward. Meissner Tremonia products seem to be increasingly difficult to source in the UK - and I believe America - these days. No idea why. Which is a shame. Enjoy shaving one and all - cheers - I.
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Kent UK
Wed 15th September

Jayaruh Syn No67
P & B Citra Royale
Gem S/S ( 1 )
Pitralon Classic A/S Lotion

The Guys who come up with these 3D creations are extremely talented. The TNNSER Shaves smoothly and efficiently even with a fresh blade. The finish attained is up there with any you may get with a Vintage SE. Maybe use an MMOC before changing to Injectors.



Pre - Shower
Brush - Jayaruh #291 Synthetic Knot
Soap - Signature Soap Leodis
Razor - Rolls Razor Aluminium cased Imp #2
Blade - Rolls Razor '49 / '52
Post - Cold water Rinse, TC's infused Witch Hazel
Balm - Barts Balm Amber and Moroccan Jasmine Balm & Lotion
A/S - Pinaud Gents Gin

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The shave started with a great lather today with the JR synth and @BrianH Signature soap Leodis - to me a very nice scented soap.
I gave the 1949 blade 50 pre shave laps and away i went, the WTG pass was OK and the blade was cutting, no real drama, i went for the XTG pass and as i got to the more stubborn stubble around the chin area the blade just did not want to play. I popped into the den mid-shave and found a spare 1952 blade, popped it in the handle and it was much better. I then completed an ATG pass with a bit buffing - yes the '52 is much better.
I have been left with a DFS finish, although, i must say when using the Rolls, for me, its all about the experience rather than the finish.
I was expecting a bit of "Whoo Hoo :eek: " from the splash, however, it was not too bad at all.

Stay safe and enjoy your day All
Thanks as always, Tony. I had an interesting review this week of Leodis by YouTuber @IAMCDB who liked the fragrance but went on and on about dents in the tin that supposedly happened in transit (not shipped by me but was sent out to him in perfect condition). It clearly doesn’t occur to him that he could use a Pater Peperium relish pot to nicely present soap in a SOTD. Regards Brian
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