SOTD: Saturday 09 to Friday 15 of October 2021

I think I might have been one of the lucky ones. My Star Noir had a slight ammoniac honk to it at the start; but it seems to have abated over time. Didn’t put me off others such as Baskerville, Whitechapel, Denali and Borealis - all great performers (for me, anyway). Not forgetting Spitfire too.
I also had the same ammonia stink from Obsidian the 1st batch and Albion, it had a scent of something that was mouldy. The soaps all performed well, but the smell was just off putting.
Cheshire, England
L&L Grooming ‘TSM Fougere’
AP Shave Co 24mm Synbad
Mongoose B2
Feather Proguard #6
CRSW Fougere Moderne ASB

What a cracking shave with the Fougere scented products! Soap now has the circle of death so I estimate twenty or so shaves will see it off, so will include it more in upcoming shaves until gone. Seen of a few soaps this year without cracking and purchasing more soaps, just like an addict see if I can see out the year or until Xmas!
Seattle, WA, USA
Thursday AM 2021-10-14
National Fossil Day

Rooney Stubby 3XL Porcelain Finest (30/52)
Penhaligon's Opus 1870 shaving cream
LASSC BBS-1/UFO Titan Fine
Schick Eversharp Super Stainless (Chrome) (10)
Calvin Klein Obsession aftershave

Wolf Whiskers Tuxedo
Merkur 41c
Big Ben (2)
Speick stick
Thayer’s Cucumber witch hazel
Speick Active a/s

Thoroughly faultless throughout, save for the picture!
Star of the show was the fabulous Speick shaving stick. I really must stock up before extinction, such a shame as along with OSP, it’s becoming my favourite shaving soap.
Honorary mention to the 41c. It’s my only open comb razor, but I’m finding it extremely comfortable to use, particularly going against the grain. Is this a general characteristic of open comb razors gents?

That was great, enjoy yours.
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