SOTD: Saturday 09 to Friday 15 of October 2021

Today’s shave, after a warm shower.

Soap. …..… ToBS Tobacco Leaf
Brush. ….... M&F ebonite 2xl finest
Razor. …….. CB Karve (c)
Blade. …….. Nacet (3)
ASL. ………. Tabac
Asb ……….. BBA

Smooth and Happy
Stay safe, enjoy your day
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Shower then Cube - unscented

Soap: Tabac stick

Brush: RR 400 24mm

Razor: Rockwell R6 #2

Blade: Astra SP #3

Post Shave: Alum block then Tabac ASB

DE Shave #23

The mild sore throat is now accompanied by a head cold. A hot shower and shave was a nice boost.

Close and comfortable shave, a couple of tiny red spots disappeared after a rinse. I used a little too much balm and face feels a little sticky but I'll take that over any soreness. Happy days.
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This afternoon -

razor - Vector (on loan)
blade - Feather Pro (8)
brush - Stirling two-band fan
soap - P&B Solaris
post - witch hazel
a/s - Floid mentally vigorous
balm - Floid
scent - Gotas Frescas Hombre.

The Solaris has lost pretty much all of its scent - which is fair enough, it's old - the soap base is fine though. The situation - the lack of scent - is somewhat ironic as I only dug the P&B soaps out to see if the Star Noir still stinks of ammonia - it does. I wondered if the passage of some five odd years had had any positive effect. Nope - still smells like a tom cat pissed in the tub yesterday. An unfortunate incident both for the company and the consumer - I ended up with two 'contaminated' tubs. I wish P&B no harm and am happy they appear to be thriving and are still innovating but I haven't felt the need to buy anything from them since. I should imagine most reading this will have no idea what I am talking about. Selah - I.
Ditto, it must have been the same cat that pissed in mine too
Kent UK
Thur 14th October
Been away for a few days, so no likes recorded for some great SOTD pics.
While away used an Occams Oren/ Feather Proguard results varying from great to average depending on the Shaving environment.

Nice to be home, and while putting stuff away came across a Cart Razor not used for Years. With Two days growth I thought why not try it out again, in case needed when/if we fly on holiday again !!

Stirling Syn 26mm
Vitos Super Red
Feather F2 neo
Feather F11 blade ( 1 )
Tuff Red A/S Lotion

Made sure that I did not rush or use excess pressure, and with a great Vitos lather had a nice Shave. In fact I am actually rather pleased at the superb quality of the finished Shave, and no signs of irritation a few hours on. Cannot see me doing this on a regular basis as I do not miss getting Shave rashes / irritation from this Type of Razor. Iwill make occasional use of this Razor as it does seem rather good.



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Sunny Sunderland
Pre - Pears Transparent Original Cold water Face wash
Brush - Simpson Chubby 2
Soap - OSP Spirits
Razor - Wilkinson Sword Empire 7 day set
Blade - "Thursday"
Post - Cold water Rinse, TC's infused Witch Hazel
Balm - Barts Balm Amber and Moroccan Jasmine Balm & Lotion
A/S - CK Be

Wk 41  (6).JPG
A very enjoyable 3 pass shave, the blade being very smooth throughout. This is my earliest adjustable razor and works a treat.
Before the shave i had taped the blade to a thin dowel to paddle strop it, i think this would also work for honing when i need to get around to it, it seemed much easier than "hand rolling" the blade.
Anyway, big smiles all round and a wonderful comfortable DFS++ finish

Stay safe and enjoy your day All


Ditto, it must have been the same cat that pissed in mine too
I think I might have been one of the lucky ones. My Star Noir had a slight ammoniac honk to it at the start; but it seems to have abated over time. Didn’t put me off others such as Baskerville, Whitechapel, Denali and Borealis - all great performers (for me, anyway). Not forgetting Spitfire too.



PAA Atomic Rocket 26mm synth
Face lather
Gillette New Improved (Pat. 1917, England, but with a Canadian box as you can see)
Gillette Silver Blue
Proraso M&E after shave

That was one of the best shaves since…well, the last time I used a vintage Gillette a few days ago (the RFB No.88 if memory serves me right).

The New Improved is a weighty, beefy fellow and it is one of those where the weight of the razor shouldn’t be exceeded. I know we bandy that phrase around; but it doesn’t apply to all razors. For instance, if I applied that adage to an aluminium Tech, I’d be like Fred Flintstone after a couple of hours. It does apply to this Gillette, though.
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