Shaving gear box aka Treasure chest.

Great idea, and it's turned out impressively. When you first posted about it on the other thread I hadn't imagined it was quite that big. That's a proper pirate treasure chest. You'll have to get some Extro Pirata to go in it. Love the idea of a false bottom! Perfect for hiding recently acquired 'contraband' or straight razors.

The old "lacquer merde du chien" works well!

Swmbo just saw me replying, gave me the look and said don't get any ideas
Thank you! Yeah it is really decently sized, just used rub n buff on hinges (silver one since only got that and black) so for now it’ll have to do that way, maybe will get brass coloured one sometime soon.

haha might need to!

haha now you need to do make a hidden floor compartment instead !
and it’s done - once I buy rub n buff in brassy colour I’ll sort out the hinges to different colour. For now silver shall do :) pretty glad with the result. Packed all my gear there, but need to have a think how to make various compartments inside for the future
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