Shaving cream for hot weather (suggestions please)

From creams: proraso green, tobs peppermint
From soaps:
b&m - terror,
Chiseled face - cryogen (doesn’t get more menthol than this soap lol),
summer break soaps - cannonball,
fine - snake bite,
Stirling - anything from their glacial line - I quite like margaritas in the arctic, and also lemon chill,
Noble otter - northern elixir

But if you want just post shave chill - the b&m terror aftershave balm leaves menthol on for good few hours …. I did scratch my face and touched the eye around 5 hours after the shave - and was quick to go to toilet to rinse the eye


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It is winter in Africa now albeit still hot in Kenya. I remember cold water shaving most days when I was on a safari trip in Tanzania but we were in tents, I think I took a stick of Spieck with me and used Proraso green aftershave, mmmmm lovely.
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