Sci-fi books you must read....

Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy
Brave New World
Animal Farm
Fahrenheit 451
Speeches by most politicians (or is that more fantasy?)

That's a good, varied selection!
All absolute classics!
Read them as a Teen & loved them.

... Apart from Fahrenheit 451
just couldn't get into that one.
Or the film of it.

Speeches by politicians?
Fantasies.... or delusions!

After hearing Philip K Dick's UBIK described as one of the greatest books ever written by a commentator I enjoy listening to and also reading several times how prophetic and multi-layered the book is and that we are currently living in a world imagined by him decades ago I purchased same and queued-up the book on my joins a long que :)

Heinlen, Simak, Cordwainer Smith, Aldiss, Azimov, Clarke, Blish, Neil Asher, Fred Pohl, Alistair Reynolds, Poul Anderson, Philip K Dick, Jack Vance, Robert Crais, Bernard Cornwell, Michael Moorcock, Robert Parker, Graham Masterton..... I've been realy lucky as a reader; the local libraries were good and my favourite bookshops were too!
These days I use Kindle or similar to read.
Oh. There are so many favourites.
How about The Long Earth?
Any steppers out there?
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