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Started with mt blanc explorer.
Now on my arms got tf grey vetiver, creed Viking , tf ombré leather parfum and tf beau de jour.

Not too keen on Viking - kinda love hate type of thing. Moments it smells great, whilst at others it’s not my type.

tf grey vetiver is amazing! Same as ombré leather parfum (I like edp too but can’t detect much difference between them two at the moment - grabbed sample so can test side by side! )

beau de jour is nice … first time smelling it!

and biggest disappointment was creed tobarome millisime… just citrusy with tad of green - can’t get much tobacco at all. Would rather grab himalaya or silver mountain water… or original vetiver or santal hah
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Al Aneeq Oud Malaki - Rum, Spice, Jasmine, Labdanum; Amber, Sandalwood, Cypriol, Vanilla; Tobacco, Oud, Animalic Notes

Oud Malaki is standout different to me, and it's the inclusion of a rum scent which is a very brave step for an Islamic scent house. I notice they also make an EDT and an EDP in this fragrance. I rarely buy non-oil versions of these kind of scents, but this could be one.

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The Reserve Classic sample I used smells a lot like the old Aqua Velva Lime Frost or Redwood if I recall, however it is based upon the old Gillette Sun Up AS that I have never smelled. It's definitely "old mannish", but I am.....old. :whistle:
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