Scent of The Day

Whats this one Prof
It’s a new one, a clone of Gucci Nobile which is the first frag I ever had as a teenager and one I absolutely love to this day. Been discontinued for ages and hard to find unless you want to pay ridiculous eBay prices. As far as I know this is the first time anyone has tried to replicate it. Unfortunately first impressions are that it’s crap! I tried it side by side against a small amount of the original I have in a decant and they smell very very different. Original is beautiful and rich and deep and this one is chemical and horrible. Yesterday was a first full wearing and it smells kind of similar in the air but not up close and performance was terrible, disappeared after an hour. I’m wondering if it needs some time to mature so will leave it a while and revisit but not holding out much hope for now. Pretty disappointed given how much I love the original.
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