Scent of The Day

Liverpool, UK.
Playing silly buggers, scent wise, today I was ........ Having succumbed to curiosity as to wtf Iso E Super was exactly and what the fuss was all about. So I liberally sprayed myself from a bottle I'd bought off Fleabay (at 21% strength, apparently).

It's really odd, this stuff .......... It's not over pervasive, but it's with you all day. Obviously, it's linear in nature ...... but it's not that bad for all that. One minute I'm getting a fleeting whiff of smoky Cedar ..... the next, I swear the bottle of Dehnal Oudh I've got stashed somewhere is in the room and leaking somewhere :D

It got noticed, too ...... A couple of people have wandered through the workshop today and said something smelled nice. I don't suppose I'll be wearing it on it's own much, but it pretty much does what it says on the tin. You want to layer up on something 'Woodsy', this will do the trick nicely.
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