Saturday 20th November to Friday 26th of November of 2021.

Seattle, WA, USA
Friday AM 2021-11-26
Day after Thanksgiving

Rooney 3/3 Porcelain Finest (26/59)
Czech & Speake Oxford and Cambridge shaving soap
Haircut & Shave P076-SB Copper/H&S Black
Personna 74 Tungsten (3)
Dopo Barba di Camaldoli

Mike Smart

Edinburgh Scotland
Pre = Pears Soap Bar
Razor = Rockwell 6s ( 4 )
Blade = Dorco Platinum. ( 1 )
Brush = 26mm Turn N Shave Boar Stoat
Soap = Black Ship Blackbeard
Splash = Old Spice Champion
Balm = Executive Shaving Citrus Kiss AF651E06-A210-4DC0-AE64-F5431EBB125A.jpeg
Great Shave this afternoon
i wasn’t going to bother really but the shaving bug got the better of me lol
A lovely 3 pass shave,
The soap for me was a first and again performed well, This one Blackbeard is apparently Bay Rum with a hint of Lime.
A truly lovely scent although i don’t get the bay rum much.
A first for me with the Blade as well and quite impressed.
Iv got some dodgy blades recently so was quite impressed with this one.
Onwards & Upwards
Stay Safe Lads this virus seems to be coming back with a vengeance.
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Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Friday 26th November


Ganders Goat Soap w/Hop, Sage & Birch
Wickham 1912 Club Cola Shaving Soap
Semogue SOC Butterscotch w/Blonde Boar 24mm
Merkur 37C (post-2015)
Personna Platinum Chrome (Israeli) (1)
Jovan Musk Aftershave Cologne

Really clicked with this much refined Merkur 37C ...

Having run both the Israeli & German Personna Platinum Chrome back to back in the Muhle Rocca, I came to the conclusion that there was no difference and if there was, the German ever so slightly pipped the Israeli ... which might have just been down to the actual age of the blades I used and perhaps how, say, the Israeli were stored as part of a hoard.

In the Merkur 37C, tonight's shave with a fresh Israeli was exactly what I expected from a first run with the German although did not get that shave until the very end of the second shave and certainly by the third. This Israeli has performed a straight-up 9/10 off the first go.

Lovely! Two passes, just because I was enjoying it so much ... and so, super-smooth off the slant format.


Just popped in to say hello chaps
Following neary 96 hours in bed, with the most awful full body symptoms, I think I'm starting to pull through.

Thank you all once again for the kind wishes


I'm a bugger for scanning SOTD. But chin, up glad you are starting to feel better.
A friend of a friend had covid and is crippled by it now. She was an antimasker, and antivax . t's just the cold type of person and it hit her hard, hospitalised for 3 weeks.
Now struggles to walk the length of her front garden.
So good on you. Hope you're back to normal very soon. (y)


Signing off for the week with a shave themed 'Naked'


Pink and wrinkly - Ikon B1
Bare-skinned - Polsilver Lodz
Birthday suit - Yaqi Dandelion
Au naturel - Murdock Avalon
In the buff - Banana Republic Neroli Woods


Part 2?

Bare assed - Colonial General V2
Naked eye - Feather Super Professional

This was that once every six month shave using the Avalon and face lathered to perfection with that ever trusty Yaqi. Weapon of choice, that faithful dog the B1 with my favourite Lodz and let's get this done. Wow, wow and more wow, this is so so smooth. And then it hits. There is no effing blade in the thing. Fuck!


With all the fizzle fizzled away and just too idle to reach down to the bottom cupboard for a blade, take the easier option, reach up for the V2. What a magnificent alternative choice. Shaved in ultimate comfort to an exceptionally fine finish and faster than I could ever have loaded a blade in the B1.


And buffed in the buff


'And when I saw his twinky I thought, I'll drink to that'

And some more of those catchy to sing too Shonen Knife girlies.

Konnichiwa to you all

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