Saponificio Varesino Special - what's the difference between them?

Am I crazy in thinking about buying one of the Saponificio Varesino soaps?

There are three which seem easily available:
1) The 70th Anniversary Shaving Soap
2) Saponificio Varesino Special Edition Opuntia
3) Saponificio Varesino Special Edition Cubebe

I've not been able to see what the difference is between these, but no doubt someone on here to enlighten me. Anyone got any advice? These are the three I can easily find to order, no doubt there are others which people would strongly advise me to look at!
The following text is from a post @Rohleder made elsewhere but I found it incredibly useful:

Opuntia - Creed Aventus
Mirto de Sardegna - Cartier Declaration
Colonia - AdP Colonia
Tundra Artica - AdP Ambra
70th Anniversary - Armani Acqua di Gio
Manna di Scicilia - Smells exactly like Persian amber attar oil.
Cubebe, Felce Aromatica, Dolomiti & Stella Alpina are more like nice shower gels than perfumes.
Ive had a few of these soaps including the special edition one's and this is just my opinion but I found the Tundra Artica to have the most acceptable scent out of any of them, a great soap but I found the scents to be a little too much.
I am probbably in the minority on here saying this and will no doubt get me drummed out of the forum for saying such things but it's just my take on these soaps. :) P.
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Special edition just refers to the fact it comes in a tin... and a very flimsy tin at that! Each one has some added ingredient which makes it unique from the rest, time for another list!

Opuntia - Prickly pear extract
Mirto de Sardegna - Essential Oil of Myrtle
Colonia - Argan and Camelia oil
Tundra Artica - Icelandic lichen & cranberry extract
70th Anniversary - No special ingredient
Manna di Scicilia - Fraxinus Ornus Sap Extract
Cubebe - Monoi de Tahiti oil
Felce Aromatica - Dryopteris filix-mas Root Extract
Dolomiti - Silt of the Dolomites
Stella Alpina - Edelweiss Extract (Leontopodium Alpinum) and Hazelnut Oil
Desert Vetiver - Desert Date oil
Cosmo - Larch extract (Genus Larix Extract)

I'll be honest, I've tried most of them and they all shave pretty much the same apart from Stella Alpina whose lather I found more oily and lubricating compared to others.
Reviving a bit of an old thread here, but I used all the SV aftershave samples and wanted to share my opinion about the scents.
Felce Aromatico - green herbs, fresh, powdery. Should be similar to Azzaro pour Homme.
I have the shaving soap, aftershave, eau de toilette and love it.
Tundra Artica - cedarwood and roses. I'd love to use it on colder days. Should be similar to Acqua di Parma Ambra or Jacques Bogart Oud.
Also very good:
70th Anniversary - clean and fresh with some sweet hints. I think most people would like this, to me it is a bit mainstream cologne-like. Should be similar to Aqua di Giò or Clinique Happy.
Desert Vetiver - for me a typical soap smell, the Sunlight soap we used to have when I was a kid but more refined.
Manna di Sicilia - clean and fresh like Felce Aromatico and Desert Vetiver but with a sweet, fruity touch (oranges, pineapple).
Cubebe - spicy forest. Very nice. Should be similar to Azzaro Visit.
Opuntia - sweet flowers, spicy, musk, typical male scent. Should be similar to Creed Aventus.
Dolomiti - flowers, lavender, spicy
Stella Alpina - light flowery, camomille, almost neutral. Should be similar to Aqua di Parma Blu Mediteraneo Mirto di Panarea.
Not for me:
Mirto di Sardegna - weak blueberry and blackberry scent. Should be similar to Penhaligon Zizonia or Cartier Declaration.
Morado - elderberry and pink bubblegum to me
Cosmo - smells like lightly peated whisky, but not as bad as I expected. I like whisky but not on my face.
Just bought three pucks.argania, cosmo and dolomite. All are superb. I've had the latter 2 before and cosmo is my favourite, to me a spicy coffee scent.
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