Rich Man Shaving Brush Review

Mike Smart

Edinburgh Scotland
Well This Arrived Today which iv been after for 2 years approx possibly 3 years.

Rich Man Shaving Blood Oath Grenade
The UltraLUX is 100% High Density
Manchurian Silvertip Badger.
As you would expect from a 30mm it holds a lot of water & a lot of soap obviously.
The Knot is soft & very similar to a high mountain badger,
Whether it’s slightly better time will tell.

Height = 88mm
Width = 46mm
Loft = 50mm
Overall Height = 138mm
Weight = 147 Grams

The Performance was second to done really,
i decided to use a hard soap on first outing and went for the Mdc a fabulous pairing.

There’s pros & cons to this brush
firstly it’s very heavy very large & very wide,
At first impressions i genuinely didn’t think i was going to like it however after the first use i really enjoyed it.
The design is supposed to be a Grenade with a Feather Hi Stainless blade inside.
You’ll notice pictures 3 & 4 there’s small chards of metal shavings.
Perhaps this is where the weight comes in although saying that the ferrel is huge.
Over All the Design & Look of the brush is Top Drawer in my opinion.
One of the downsides to the brush for me is there is to much red.
The red is meant to be blood coming from the blade inside but there is so much you can’t really see the blade as well as you can in some of his other brushes.
If i returned the clock i wouldn’t buy it again
infact you could buy 2-3 brushes for the price of this.
plus i got hit with heavy import duty meaning
100% the brush isn’t worth the money.

Coming in at
£249.98 Plus
£56.11 Import Charge
Total £306 :(

Now no point in crying over spilt milk i knew the price i know i would get hit with import so i can’t argue with the price, Although the import duty, the royal mail handling charge at £8 is a complete joke
But again my fault.
So bottom line
The Brush is Fantastic
The Money is Away
& i’m going to enjoy it.
On another note if it wasn’t for the Feather Blade Inside i wouldn’t buy any of his handles.
This design was the one that took my eye.
Onwards & Upwards
Stay Safe

8083E22A-B9DF-4ECD-8B53-D8459A73C788.jpeg CAE02668-CAD8-4542-8D9E-B2D02493D98C.png D17C4B13-571F-4652-A0C1-6259AD9F7042.png 3BB2EE43-BBB6-4ED5-AE7D-0163F41047FE.jpeg
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Mike Smart

Mike Smart

Edinburgh Scotland
Ouch for the cost but it's a great looking brush Mike. Very unique.

Imagine if you had spent that much on the brush and the maker had stuck a Dorco Titan in the handle instead :ROFLMAO:
hahaha thanks mate
i guess there’s also a plus side to everything :ROFLMAO:
Suppose i shouldn’t moan about the price after iv paid it.
It is a great brush with great performance but no chance is it worth the money. Hey ho i’ll not dwell on it as it nips my head when i think about it lol
Cat-Pig Swamp
All the vintage razors you could have had for that money...

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