Review of the all-new Rockwell T2 Adjustable Razor


It should come as no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Rockwell razors, especially the 6S being one of my all-time favourite razors and one I will have in my den for my lifetime!

I ordered the recently launched Rockwell T2, which is essentially a fully revamped version of the Model T.

You can check out my original Model T review here:

The T2 comes in the standard Rockwell packaging which looks great and keeps the razor safe during transit.
(I hope all razor companies switch to shipping razors in a small travel pouch or travel case or bio-degradable packaging)








The T2 looks quite similar to the Model T but there are design and construction changes that definitely improve upon the Model T. The section below the head look essentially the same but the head and inner components are different.

The biggest and most important change is the T-bar and it's fitting have been modified.
The bar extends up higher and now sits between the clamshell doors.

These changes may seem minor but honestly, they have transformed the razor completely in a practical sense….The blade alignment is perfect! No misalignment of blade reveal, no slanting of the blade, no bowing/smiling blade...It's just perfect! Pop the blade in, close the doors and you're good to go!

The doors on the T2 close and open without any lag (i.e. No "lazy" door). They also close evenly whereas on the Model T there were reports of the doors closing unevenly.

The adjuster ring turns smoothly and has infinity adjustment, so one can choose the setting perfect for them, whether it's 3.25/3.5/3.75 (or anything in between), rather than the click style which would limit it to only 3.5.

I find the settings on the T2 to be similar to the Model T on terms of efficiency and blade feel. Compared to the 6S/6C I find the T2 more efficient at the same setting. I would say a setting of 5 on the T2 is close to 6 on the 6S.

The T2 is a very smooth shaver!
It can be used at higher settings for more efficiency, without a harsh effect on the skin. Factors like blade gap, exposure, guard span, blade reveal are all balanced to make it a smooth and effective razor.

Overall, the T2 retains the best aspects of the Model T and improves on all the reported weaknesses to make a razor that is of a very high quality, aesthetically beautiful and highly functional.
It's a fantastic driver without a doubt.
Has the looks as well . It's a shame that they used pot metal instead of going all out stainless and asking top dollar originally.
You can pick them up at a lot more reasonable price now and in my opinion well worth the money.
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