Review: Oaken Lab

I came across these soaps on the Shaving Time website and curiosity got the better of me. They're made by an American expat living in Jakarta. He uses locally available ingredients due to some of the strict restrictions on alcohol and other such things.


There's three scents available to us in the UK. Here are the official descriptions:

Far a Field: Far A Field is a scent of Mountain Mist, Sill Lake, Cedar and 5am. With notes of Aqua, Cedarwood and Citrus.

Batavia Barber: Batavia barber scent is said to be that of a hot barbers towel with worn leather and a rusting fan. With notes of Neroli, Bergamot, Orange, Lavender, Jasmine, Moss, Musk, Patchouli and Leather.

Earth of Mankind: Earth of Mankind is based on the rich fragrance of the Malaysian interior, a thick kretek haze envelopes a rich base of agarwood and warm mystical spice. With notes of clove, cassia, tobacco, vanilla, agarwood, patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood.

I've never been by a sill lake at anytime, let alone 5am, I've never had someone shave me near a rusty fan and I've never been inside a Malaysian building. Despite this, the scents take me there in my imagination. These are really unique scents - unlike anything else in my collection. I was expecting to dislike one or two of them but they smell great from the tub - I liked them enough to subsequently order the matching splashes. There's not much information on these soaps but I've noticed that a few of us have picked them up on the acquisition thread so thought it worthwhile starting a review thread.

I'll be starting with the Far a Field tonight.
I've had a chance to use the Oaken Lab Earth of Mankind splash a couple of times now, courtesy of the Emporium, and I think that the scent which reminded you of something you didn't like might be cloves ( the dentist??). Sometimes it's very strong, think it depends on the balm I use with it. But overall I still like the scent, very Eastern.
Try the Batavia Barber if you get chance. Whilst I've not been to Indonesia to know, the scent makes me imagine I'm there. It's great.
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