Recommendation for an upgrade

Hi all,

I'm sure you've had loads of these types of threads started, but I wondered if I could trouble you for your advice!

I have been using a safety razor for about 7 years, and so far I have only used the R89 and subsequently the R41, which I currently have, but now I feel it is time for an upgrade.

I am a daily shaver, and while I currently have and use the R41, I have no particular preference or need for an aggressive razor, I simply wanted to try out an open comb at the time. I like the R41, but I would like something perhaps a bit smoother (?), but given I have only ever tried two safety razors, both of the same brand, I really haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

I don't have a budget as such (because I will have this for ages so happy to spend more for someth that lasts), but don't want to spend more if I don't need to!

My only requirements are: I'd like to try something that is stainless steel, and don't want an adjustable at the moment (this wil probably change, but not right now).

The blades I currently have are Astra platinum, BIC platinum, and feather.

My research so far as led me to be considering the following (but open to and appreciate any suggestions):

Feather AS-D2
RazoRock Game Changer .84P
Blacklands Blackbird (although getting these looks tricky in the UK?)
Muhle Rocca

What do you all think? Could you help me out with some suggestions or opinions on the above before I pull the trigger and buy?

Many thanks in advance!
I think that the Razorock Gamechanger 0.84P would be right up your alley if you're familiar with the R41. It has plenty of blade feel, but it's incredibly smooth and provides a wonderful shave. Stainless steel and sold at a very reasonable price. Other head-only options available too if you ever fancy a change in the future.
Ask a simple question of a hundred people and you'll get a hundred answers - good that you have a shortlist. Why not all of them? :ROFLMAO:

The natural upgrade to your existing razors is, of course, the Muhle Rocca. I'll focus on that and say that that I kinda went the other way - I have used the R89 and R41 but had put them aside for a good number of years, got on board the stainless train and bought the Rocca. I bought four of them. I love 'em! I really can't get a bad shave off them. Since then, I've rediscovered the R89 and find that to be a superb razor. The Rocca is about as close as Muhle are likely to get in making a stainless R89. It is a classy ride!
Sorry, I am ignoring your proposed suggestions.
I reccomend the Fatip Testina Gentile or any other Fatip. Sorted.
What about something like the Ikon B1 with the OSS head.
Stainless with open comb one side & closed comb the other,
Not as mild as the Feather but milder than the R41.
A sort of in between
Thank you all! I found a good deal on a Rocca R94 so went for that in the end! Presumably I'll get sucked into the collecting part soon enough and buy the Game Changer too!

Brill! I am sure you'll love it.

If you were curious about any differences between the Rocca models, there is one ... and the short of it is, I think you got the best weighted and balanced.

Some details:

R94 95g
R95 Birch Handle 80g
R96 Black Handle 85g
R96 Jet 85g

The one with the black handle (and presumably the all black Jet model) has a brass tube around the core rather than all stainless. Likewise, the birch is faced with birch cork.

The R94 has the best weight/balance in my hand.

Oh, and BIC Chrome Platinum in the Rocca is a delight! I hope you find that so as well.
The Rocca with the birch handle is stunning! Got to be one of the better designs

That one was my first love when I saw the Rocca ... and first purchase. Despite what I said above about the R94 being the best weight/balance, I love using my birch handled variant. It really is a beautiful razor. Functional, too, since as it gets wet ... it gets grippier.
Thanks for the recommendations! Used the Rocca for the first time yesterday and loved it! Incredibly smooth and comfortable. I had even forgotten this was possibly given I have been shredding myself with the R41 for the past 6 years.

Anyway, Rocca, feather blade, with a new SV soap was my best to date. Very pleased!
Sorry, I am ignoring your proposed suggestions.
I reccomend the Fatip Testina Gentile or any other Fatip. Sorted.

Agreed on the Fatip Gentile Testina. I bought one a few days ago and daily shaved with it every day. Reviews of it turned out to be true with one exception - no problem with the blade alignment and I did assemble it twice more to make sure I hadn't done it by accident the first time. Delving into it it looks like Fatip had a quality control issue in the early days which has been fixed. Anyway feedback when the blade cut the hair but no blade feel on my skin. Did a wtg pass and I could have stopped there with the smooth shave I got but I did a atg and got a BBS. No cuts nor weepers. This Fatip replaces my Baili which was my GoTo razor. Good price from Connaught Shaving

On the testing: Cyril R Salter sandalwood shaving cream, TOBS Royal Forest shaving cream, Semogue 820 red, Gillette Silver Blue which came with the razor, Gillette Platinum, Dorco Titan. Not much different with any of them. YMMV.

Please note I have never used an 89 nor a R41 nor a Muhle Rocca (115 quid? Phew!) so I cannot compare.
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