RazoRock SS Lupo Gen. II

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This morning I tested the Razorock lupo SS dc, 0.72 oc on one side and 0.95 sc on the other. = Accessories:
-Wizamet Super Iridium Sheet - Ethos Lavender Soap (also tested for the first time - excellent) - Antica Barbieria Glue Aftershave Lotion “Red Sandal Aftershave Milk” (excellent, but also slightly more expensive).
The beard was two days old (I usually shave every other day, but when I shave I like it very smooth).
As for the direction of the hair, I started with the oc.72 which worked very well. For the opposite direction, I used sb .95 and found it very useful. Eventually, I went out feeling very comfortable. I find the razor more fluid and efficient than the g.c. .84. Compared to my Timeless .95 sb (which is still my favorite), I found it shaved just as easily and effectively. But I have to wait until tomorrow to feel the regrowth and make a more informed decision, and also shave again to see if the skin is disturbed. Now I am very happy to have purchased it and I believe it will surely remain in my possession along with a few others.
anybody else have been shaving with the Lupo 72 long enough and is it worth it or not?
If it wasn't for the fact I'd recently taken delivery of a birth year slim, then my Lupo .72 would be my daily driver - I'm experimenting with my first adjustable.
I got a .68 baseplate for my GC and I find I always end up doing 3 passes, even when paired with a Feather, or Kai blade and the .84 is just that bit too aggressive for using on a daily basis.
Not only is the .72 gap perfect for me, I also like the fact that the head of the Lupo is shaped to cater for the blade and that the bar is scalloped and virtually all blade edge.
That said - I've only been DE shaving for about 5 months, so I may not be as well informed as others, but I love my Lupo .72 and as soon as I get bored playing with settings, it will be my go-to, daily driver once more.

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