RazoRock SS Lupo Gen. II

The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
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This morning I tested the Razorock lupo SS dc, 0.72 oc on one side and 0.95 sc on the other. = Accessories:
-Wizamet Super Iridium Sheet - Ethos Lavender Soap (also tested for the first time - excellent) - Antica Barbieria Glue Aftershave Lotion “Red Sandal Aftershave Milk” (excellent, but also slightly more expensive).
The beard was two days old (I usually shave every other day, but when I shave I like it very smooth).
As for the direction of the hair, I started with the oc.72 which worked very well. For the opposite direction, I used sb .95 and found it very useful. Eventually, I went out feeling very comfortable. I find the razor more fluid and efficient than the g.c. .84. Compared to my Timeless .95 sb (which is still my favorite), I found it shaved just as easily and effectively. But I have to wait until tomorrow to feel the regrowth and make a more informed decision, and also shave again to see if the skin is disturbed. Now I am very happy to have purchased it and I believe it will surely remain in my possession along with a few others.
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