Proraso Red

Hi guys i just got the red proraso and having smelt it the closest scent wise as a lotion is art of shaving sandalwood balm great stuff and very similar to proraso red; warm sandalwood fragrance with light talc base
^^^ I agree, always been a big fan of the AOS sandalwood balm and is a good match to Proraso red...the EDT is nice too but very short lasting.
Thought I'd use this thread rather than start a new one

I used Proraso red for the first time this morning, had what I felt was a great shave - it felt like I had a lot of glide.

I prepped as normal - hot shower, Vitos pre shave cream, then shaved with a my usual EJDE89 and used a Gillette silver blue. The shave felt close and comfortable and after the cold water rinse I applied witch hazel and RSC ASB. About ten minutes later my neck started burning a bit and went red and blotchy. It didnt feel like normal razor burn, so I suspect it might be a reaction to the Proraso Red, as eveything else was as normal.

Has anybody else had such a reaction? if it is the cream, I'll be a bit disapointed as it felt so good when it was on.
This is my daily cream or soap, I use both. Obviously for me, I have no adverse reaction to it. At least you only have 3 products to narrow down on what is causing the reaction... I'm sure you're smart enough to drop just one at a time to decipher which one is causing the allergy.
Been reading about the red causing irritation and stuff, used a sample yesterday and it was ok, no real reaction after, good lather and a smooth shave bar one cut on the upper lip area. Never had a problem with the green, so don't see why I should with the red, have tried a sample of the blue and no problems there. But have seen other people complaining about rashes and redness like yourself. I've only used it once but so far so good for me.
Cumbria, England
This was the first cream I used when I got back into wet shaving and is still a regular for me. I have quite sensitive skin and have had no reaction with the red but as always it's a case of YMMV.

As Stephen said I would guess it will be a case of trial and error to see how your skin reacts.
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