Pre Shave Is It Necessary ?

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Wash your face with soap and water. Done.

Even in the days before I could afford canned goo to go with my big pack of disposables for a quid and used whatever bar soap was lying around the bathroom, I still used it to wash my face first. Coming to boutique traditional shaving, like the rest of you, I found all these pre-shave things. Of all the oils and lotions, I do still think the lightly mentholated lotions from the likes of Prep, 3P, Proraso and so on are nice on a hot day ... but I like to apply to a washed, wet face and then rinse off leaving just the residual cooling sensation.

I've tried a good number of scientifically engineered face washes - you know, Neutrogena, L'Oreal Men Expert, Bulldog, etc. I keep coming back to simple bar soap. Done.
Agreed - I like Proraso Green pre for the kick, but unless I'm on a menthol kit day I tend not to bother. Shave oil is the antichrist, and my soap of choice (Palmolive Olive or Pears Original) does more than enough coupled with the morning shower. I can appreciate adding a helping hand if shaving unprepped, or going "full-on eke the shave out pamper" but for a regular shave the chosen shaving soap should suffice as it's been bought to do the job!
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The only one I have tried so far is the yellowish one from Truefitt and Hill. It seems okay, not oily it saps the lather and fits in with the indulgent nature I like about wet shaving. I suppose my equation is: more stuff=greater happiness...!:)
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