Polishing Question, Gillette Super Speed

Hi folks,

I've been looking for a Y1 1978 razor and pickings are very slim on ebay, but there is one over the pond that has been for sale for a while. The outside metal seems a bit of a mess but the inside is rust free. Will it be possible to polish this up do you think? I've never had to do this before, I assume it's nickel??

The fact its been listed for a while makes me think it may be beyond simply polishing? Otherwise someone would have bought it by now.

If it's a hopeless case I'll not bother, I don't want to get it professionally replated if it's an expensive job, I'd rather wait around and see what else turns up (I'd ideally like a Y1 adjustable)
Screenshot_20200523-090706_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20200523-090730_eBay.jpg
This stuff may rescue it:

You can pick it up in most supermarkets and I've used it successfully on a few vintage razors
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