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Under no circumstances, look at the following picture - if you are easily upset or squeamish - Kabul - mid 90's - Hazara woman caught in the cross fire between the Muj factions fighting in northern Kabul. I nearly took one too - I remember it clearly. They - the Muj groups - mostly drug dealers, gangsters and war lords - were so occupied with shooting each other - they took their eye off the ball and didn't see the Taliban coming. That was also true of most journalists at the time - time to run away! Either get on one of the last Red Cross flights out or bolt north to the Uzbek border. The latter solution would bring its own problems - thankfully - I was a part of the former. So - 30 or so, years later - the same thing is about to happen. The Taliban are rolling across the country - unfettered - and unopposed. A heavily armed and medieval version of Islam. Obviously - in a modern sense - it started with the Soviets - then the west - did anybody read any history books? Evidently not. Even Alexander the Great gave the place a wide berth. I'd love to go back there - I've seen some impressive shit in my time - but the country really puts the hooks into you - pity the poor Afghans - why should you care? - As John Donne said - 'No man is an island.' Their pain is our pain - or ought to be - billionaires in space? - yes - leave them there. You can't breath money. Yours - I.

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Olympus OM3 and Kodak Tri-x film.

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All war is brutal and lots of innocents fall victim to it, pictures like this confirm this fact.

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