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High Wycombe
Love it, I'm a home brewer myself. Youngs American IPA kit is just like punk IPA, that's the ipa I brew.
I always have some of that on hand. (y)
I also have about 150 bottles of a variety of home brew beers on shelves in back room, and have two 40 pint brews on the now. :)
Going to nick your idea and make some crates as keeping empty bottles in bags is a pain. (y)
This is Wilko Canadian style ale, brewed short to 18 litres, increases the hoppiness. At the last count I had 62 bottles. Have to do some wine now for a change.


M42 orion nebula View attachment 82623
My brother took this from his back garden last night using a Telescope set up.

I have had a telescope for years, the first time I looked at orion or any planets with moons I was blown away, and am still in awe whenever I look through it.
If you think there are a lot of stars in the sky, look through a telescope. More stars than sky is what I found.
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