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A Ltd Edition return of Phoenix and Beau Sanskrit shaving soap. Top notes of citrus oils include Lemongrass, Mandarin, Lime, Litsea Cubeba and Orange. Middle notes of warmth and spice include Clove Bud, Cardamom, Black Pepper and a light touch of Geranium. Deeper base notes include Patchouli, Benzoin and Sandalwood. Available now both in-store and on-line at our Dundee shaving shop.

Sanskrit now sold out as of 14/6/20

With its artwork and name inspired by the great Duncan Jones film 'Moon', Luna is a noble scent full of energy and complexity. Its accord has notes of Calabrian bergamot, black pepper, geranium, elemi, lavender, pink pepper, patchouli, cedar and labdanum. Shaving soap and post shave lotion available now both in-store and on-line at our Dundee shaving shop.

Luna now sold out as of 6/7/20



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Ian T

Ian T

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Empress Rising

Empress Rising is inspired by the autumns darker, heavier scents and also by it's musical namesake, a song by Swedish doom metal band, 'Monolord'. Stylistically, with this Ltd edition launch close to All Hallows' Eve Phoenix and Beau also wanted to continue their tradition of using something of a ghoulish design for the respective labels. Hopefully the Empress doesn't scare you too much!

Talking of the above Phoenix and Beau combined wonderful notes of opulent frankincense, the sweetness of English rose, borrowed the earthiness of oakmoss and woodiness of cedarwood. It conjures something intensely autumnal and of the night. Shaving soap, post shave lotion and aftershave splash all available now from our Dundee shaving shop.

Phoenix & Beau Empress Rising Shaving Soap 115g - The Gentleman's Groom Room

Phoenix & Beau Empress Rising Post Shave Lotion 50ml - The Gentleman's Groom Room

Phoenix & Beau Empress Rising Aftershave Splash 100ml - The Gentleman's Groom Room


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Ian T

Ian T

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Our latest Phoenix and Beau order has arrived with some new additions, Interlinked shaving soap, aftershave splash and post shave lotion. Interlinked is a versatile scent that can be enjoyed any time of the year. It has top notes of citrus, a soft black pepper heart, opulent musk's and a smooth base of warm woods.

We have also taken stock of Phoenix and Beau's new vegan formula shaving soaps, Wilderness a blend of Cedarwood, Pine and Juniper essential oils. Lavandula a relaxing flora accord of English Lavender, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit essential oils. Mentha an invigorating accord of Peppermint and Lemon essential oils that combine with a generous amount of Menthol. Being a mentholated soap it serves to refresh and awaken the senses!

Vegan formula is an opulent blend of five skin loving oils (vegetable glycerin, castor oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil), three butters (shea butter, kokum butter and cocoa butter), coconut milk, allantoin, and a good dose of vegetable stearic acid. It produces a super dense lather that provides exceptional cushion and glide.

From the boxes and inserts the soaps come packed in, to the ink used to print and the labels used to seal them shut, all of the vegan packaging is 100% biodegradable.

Some old favourites too have made a welcome return, Achilles Last Stand shaving soap, inspired by the English rock band Led Zeppelin's song of the same name. Achilles Last Stand has notes of Agarwood, Rose, Amber, Patchouli, Saffron, Raspberry and Pear, Orange Blossom and a touch of Musk. Also Star Noir shaving soap, inspired by the love of music icon David Bowie. The scent politely nods its cap to one of his favourite fragrances which was 'Minotaure' by Paloma Picasso. Star Noir blends opening note of Jasmine Absolute, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Coriander. Anchoring the scent are layers of Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin and Patchouli. It is a shape shifting fragrance that dries down to a powdery and lasting finish.



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Ian T

Ian T

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Phoenix & Beau Bluebird K7 shaving soap, aftershave splash and post shave lotion available now from our Dundee shaving shop. Top notes of Mandarin and Pink Pepper. Heart notes of Vetiver, Sandalwood and Patchouli on a Base of Tonka and Birch.

Also Phoenix & Beau Right Handed Giant shaving soap and post shave lotion makes a welcome return to our Dundee store . P&B Right Handed Giant pays homage and doffs the cap to the classic scent of Faberge Brut.



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